Saturday, December 28, 2002

But first, a word from our sponsor:

"Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in."

-Andrew Jackson, Sharp Knife, Old Hickory, CINC, Pointed Arrow, Victor of New Orleans & American.

Troops are heading to the Mid-East

and Jimma Caduh is "winning" a Fiskie at Little Green Footballs.

I smell something; No, not the Saudi Desk at State...it's...Freedom! We haven't had that spirit here since 1989!

I'm retiring now to read "The Brigade" by Harold Blum; the story of the Jewish Brigade that Churchill finally let loose on Hitler and his gangsters. God help me ; I love it when the Jews fight back!

Life is Good...and worth fighting for.

You know this quote...

but I want it on my blog.

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.
John Stuart Mill (1806 - 1873)

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You may now go back to your affairs. And get the phone. It's about to ring. It's a telemarketer.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Okay, the the party's over.

Our rant-free zone lasted about as long as Jesse Jackson's Baby Shower/Contrition Tour. Back to work!

Sen. Patty Murray is now the front-running female candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2004, having enunciated the Democratic message more clearly than Hillary!, Nancy Pelosi or Madame Ceausescu.

"What the world needs now is aid, foreign aid. That's the only price that we just haven't paid," sang Sen. Murray. "And if that doesn't work, then we should give every person in the whole world food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, midnight basketball, sewage treatment plants and student loans," said the senator from Washington; "and they don't have to repay the loans. In fact, we'll pay THEM interest...AND build the Universities."

"If they still don't like us, we'll give them the same public school system that put our students right behind Latvia in math scores...watch out Buchalistan...we're creeping up on you by a factor of...whatever!"

" And if they don't love us by then, I'll propose Universal Day-Care, and I mean 'Universal'! A UN High Commission on Tatoo Removal to remove Al Qaeda gang tatoos would be helpful, so those young people could turn their lives around...and I think we should offer dual-citizenship to everybody, everywhere. Then we'll all be good, patriotic Americans!," gushed the Mom in Tennis Shoes.

Rep. Barney Frank was in Washington state with Sen. Murray, reveiwing Microsoft's new Boyish-Recognition Technology. He came out strongly, dramatically in support hose; "I was a Pelosi backer, but I've changed my preference; I was a Nancy-boy...Now, I'm a Patty-cake!", he said fwankly.

Sen. Murray admitted she had no idea what to do if her plans still failed to sway would-be terrorists.

"Well, we could buy the world a Coke and teach them to sing in harmony, I suppose," said the new Democratic front-runner.

She was last seen the next day in her tennis shoes, running the other way.

One day you're a front-runner; the next, a back-tracker, Patty.

Have a Coke...and a smile!

Just do it!

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

A Star in the West

"The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that we think every day is the Fourth of July, and
they think every day is April 15th." - Ronald Reagan

But this is not the evening for all that.

But it IS the evening for this:

Christmas December 24, 1983
My fellow Americans:

"Christmas is a time for children, and rightly so. We celebrate the birthday of the Prince of Peace who came as a babe in a manger. Some celebrate Christmas as the birthday of a great teacher and philosopher. But to other millions of us, Jesus is much more. He is divine, living assurance that God so loved the world He gave us His only begotten Son so that by believing in Him and learning to love each other we could one day be together in paradise."

"It's been said that all the kings who ever reigned, that all the parliaments that ever sat have not done as much to advance the cause of peace on Earth and good will to men as the man from Galilee, Jesus of Nazareth."

"Christmas is also a time to remember the treasures of our own history. We remember one Christmas in particular, 1776, our first year as a nation. The Revolutionary War had been going badly. But George Washington's faith, courage, and leadership would turn the tide of history our way. On Christmas night he led a band of ragged soldiers across the Delaware River through driving snow to a victory that saved the cause of independence. It's said that their route of march was stained by bloody footprints, but their spirit never faltered and their will could not be crushed."

"The image of George Washington kneeling in prayer in the snow is one of the most famous in American history. He personified a people who knew it was not enough to depend on their own courage and goodness; they must also seek help from God, their Father and Preserver."

"In a few hours, families and friends across America will join together in caroling parties and Christmas Eve services. Together, we'll renew that spirit of faith, peace, and giving which has always marked the character of our people. In our moments of quiet reflection I know we will remember our fellow citizens who may be lonely and in need tonight."

"``Is the Christmas spirit still alive?'' some ask. Well, you bet it is."

"Let us remember the families who maintain a watch for their missing in action. And, yes, let us remember all those who are persecuted -- not because they commit a crime, but because they love God in their hearts and want the freedom to celebrate Hanukkah or worship the Christ Child."

"And because faith for us is not an empty word, we invoke the power of prayer to spread the spirit of peace. We ask protection for our soldiers who are guarding peace tonight..."

"With patience and firmness we can help bring peace to that strife-torn region and make our own lives more secure. The Christmas spirit of peace, hope, and love is the spirit Americans carry with them all year round, everywhere we go. As long as we do, we need never be afraid, because trusting in God is the one sure answer to all the problems we face."

"Till next week, thanks for listening, God bless you, and Merry Christmas." - Ronald Reagan

...and Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Grenada Daydreamin'

While discussing the Eating Disorder Party's irresistable hunger for the taste of Fidel's musky nether-reigons, a comment from an Aussie troll over at Misha's sprang to mind. It was just a little throw-away line in a catalog of American "crimes": "And you overthrew a popular government in Grenada."

This is what I mean when I say "college-educated ignorant". That's the kind of tripe one can only imbibe at the knee of a Marxist literature professor. Don't you mean Political Science professor, Noel? No; If they're Marxists, that's all they teach, regardless of what the class is called.

The only place that "government" was popular was in Moscow, Pyongyang, Hanoi, Havana...and Harvard. It was not popular with the people of Grenada; otherwise; they could have reinstalled it during the Clinton years and Clinton would have zealously protected it. Regardless, they failed to get the most important vote of all...

Ronald Reagan's.

Reagan understood that the Cubans were building an airstrip to accomodate Soviet bombers...and he forbade it.

A Democrat gone good.

Reagan speaks to the VFW in 1984; some excerpts:

"Four years ago, right here in Chicago, I stood before your convention, and when you think back to 1980, it's hard to forget the mess America was in, hard to forget the foolish talk of a malaise, the unfairness of runaway price increases, 21\1/2\-percent interest rates, weakened defenses, Americans held hostage, and the loss of respect for our nation abroad. It seemed that we woke up every morning wondering what new humiliation our country had suffered....

We knew we couldn't continue on that road. We knew we had to change course and get America back on her feet. And we knew that peace and freedom could not be protected without cost and commitment, without perseverance and courage.

One cannot sit in the Oval Office without realizing the awesome responsibility of protecting peace and freedom and preserving human life. The responsibility cannot be met with halfway wishes. It can be met only by a determined effort to pursue and protect peace with all the strength that we can bring to bear.

Well, I think we've come a long way together. In fact, I believe we've closed the books on that dismal chapter of failed policies and self-doubt. May it never return.

Gone are the days when we abandoned principle and common sense. Gone are the days when we meekly tolerated obvious threats to our peace and security.

To all of you who have served your country with such courage and distinction, and to all the young men and women who look to their future, I can tell you today from my heart: The United States of America is prepared for peace.

And because we're stronger than before, we can be confident that we're in a position to secure a future of peace, not peace at any price, but a true, meaningful, lasting peace supported by freedom and human dignity.

... our military serves to protect our freedom and keep the peace. None of the four wars in my lifetime and none of the wars that you have seen came about because we were too strong. History shows that weakness invites tyrants to believe that the price of aggression will be cheap. And while military strength alone is not enough to ensure a more secure world, without military strength, there can be no real security, no lasting peace.

Our military forces are back on their feet, substantially stronger and better able to protect the peace today than they were 4 years ago.

In Grenada, with less than 72 hours notice, our forces successfully rescued 600 American students, disarmed Cuban and peoples revolutionary armed forces, and restored the chance for democracy to that troubled island.

As one company commander of the Army's 1st Ranger Battalion explained -- now quote: ``The lead assault elements had less than 24 hours between the time we were issued our final combat orders and our departure for Grenada. We fought with the equipment on which we were trained. The equipment worked throughout the operation. New laser rangefinders gave accurate distance to targets, and the night vision devices operated up to standards. And of the 150 Rangers in my company, only 2 had ever seen combat before, yet they all performed like seasoned veterans. What it all adds up to is that our highly motivated soldiers, together with excellent training and reliable weapons, gave us the combat edge.''

Well, come to think of it, I seem to remember that it took critics weeks to decide whether it was a good idea to rescue our students. They should have asked the students, for those students were already home. Incidentally, Nancy and I were pleased to have about 400 of them on the South Lawn at the White House and about 40 of the men who had returned from Grenada, representing all four branches of the service that had been there. And it was wonderful to hear these young people -- and they were all the same age, the students and the military -- but it was wonderful to hear these young students tell us that, yes, they had been prone to kind of look down on the uniform and all, but not anymore.

And we heard stories about how, when they were escorted to the helicopters after they'd lain overnight and for hours under their beds in the dormitories because of the bullets coming through the buildings, and then our Rangers arrived, and when it came time to go to the helicopters, those young fellows in uniform put themselves between the students and where the firing was coming from.

They couldn't keep their hands off of them. They'd throw their arms around, and then they'd come back to us and tell us how wonderful they were. It was a great sight.

Well, that young Army officer said -- and what he said about his own Ranger battalion, about being able to take on combat operations on short notice, get the job done and get it done right, was just as true for our other units. The 22d Marine Amphibious Unit had just embarked at Morehead City, North Carolina, for a normal rotation to the eastern Mediterranean when their orders were changed to Grenada. With no advance warning, with very little time, they put together their operational plans, went ashore, professionally accomplished their mission, and then continued on their way.

When I took office, our newest long-range strategic bomber was 19 years old. Early next month, the first B - 1 bomber will roll off the production line. In 1981 our newest strategic submarine was 14 years old. Today three new Trident submarines are at sea; a fourth was delivered in January...

Now let me say a word about one of our most important safeguards of peace and freedom, and I'm not talking about bullets or guns, but about heart and spirit. Once again, young Americans wear their uniforms and serve their flag with honor and pride. From the NATO lines to the Demilitarized Zone of Korea and at bases and ports all across America and all over the world, young Americans are carrying on in your footsteps, in the courageous footsteps of those who stood in harm's way so that others might have a chance to find freedom, peace, and happiness. In fact, no improvement in our military readiness has been more dramatic or more important than the improvement in the quality and retention of our service men and women.

You know, every time I see a young service man or woman I get a lump in my throat thinking of how lucky we are to have them serving our country and protecting our freedom with real honor, courage, and competence.

I believe that we've come too far, struggled too hard, and accomplished too much to turn back now. Once again the world knows that America will stand up for freedom, democracy, and peace with human dignity.

I don't know whether you're aware of this, but in every year from 1975 to 1980, armies, largely supplied by Moscow, or Soviet forces themselves, invaded or seized control of a different country. First, Vietnam, then Angola, followed by Ethiopia and Cambodia -- finally, Afghanistan. Well, since 1981, that pattern has stopped. And in 1983 Grenada was saved. And every once in awhile, it's important to remember that success can also be measured by the disasters which do not happen.

Talking about those people in uniform, as I said last night at the convention -- I quoted what General Marshall had said in World War II when he was asked what was our secret weapon, and he said, ``The best damned kids in the world.'' Well, you aren't kids anymore, but there's another generation who are, and you can say the same thing about them.

Not too long ago, the Armed Forces Journal over in the Pentagon came over and delivered me a little plaque, and they had engraved on that plaque some paragraphs from a letter received from a marine lieutenant, flyer of a Cobra, who had been at Grenada and then had gone on to Lebanon. And he wrote back to the Armed Forces Journal, and he said when he was at Grenada, he noticed that every news story contained someplace the line, ``Grenada produces more nutmeg than any other spot on Earth.'' And he decided that appeared so often, that it was a code -- and he had broken the code.

And he said, number one, Grenada produces more nutmeg than any other spot on Earth. Number two, the Soviets and the Cubans are trying to take Grenada. Number three, you can't have eggnog without nutmeg. And number four, you can't have Christmas without eggnog. And he said, number five, the Soviets and the Cubans are trying to steal Christmas. [Laughter] And he said, number six, we stopped them. [Laughter]

We can be confident that history is moving in the direction of self-government and human dignity. To paraphrase Jefferson, men and women are not born with saddles on their backs. Political systems based on a dreadful denial of the human spirit will, in the end, fail.

We see this yearning for freedom and democracy among the brave people of Eastern Europe, in Afghanistan, in Africa, and elsewhere. The spirit of men and women to breathe free is a mighty force that cannot and will not be denied. Our country is the leader of the free world, and today we're providing that leadership. In my meetings with foreign leaders, they've often told me how good it is to know what the United States stands for ...

I wish all Americans could have stood with me this past June on the windswept cliffs of Pointe du Hoc. I wish all Americans could have felt the faith and belief, the loyalty and love of those brave men of Normandy. You know what I mean -- you're the veterans of foreign wars. You've been there.

But one of the Rangers of 40 years ago, now 63 years old, the day before we arrived, scaled the 100-foot cliff that he had climbed on D-day and did in just 7 minutes, still one of the best damn kids in the world. [Laughter]

You understand that we are what we are because of Normandy and a thousand other lonely battlefields. Words could never express what the patriotism of generation after generation of American heroes means for the very soul of our nation. But you and I do know that we're free because of those who went to Omaha Beach and Guadalcanal, Mig Alley and Pork Chop Hill, Khe Sanh and the Iron Triangle.

I'll never stop working as hard as I can to make sure that our nation keeps its special commitment to those who served, to those who have kept the torch of liberty burning brightly. Because of you, America's best days are still to come, and with faith, freedom, and courage, there's no limit to what America can and will accomplish.

When we visited the Normandy beaches this past spring, we were told that the French citizens came up to those veterans of ours who had returned, took them by the hand, and said, with tears in their eyes, ``We were only young at the time, but we will always remember what you did and what it has meant to us.''

When I look at you, when I think of all you've lived and known and learned from your lifetime of service, a lifetime of honor, I can't help wondering, who, more than you, could better understand how precious are the gifts of life and freedom and faith? Who more than you has the courage and the wisdom to help us protect these gifts for our children and for our children's children?

You are wise men of history whose burdens have become our blessings. Your struggles preserved democracy, and today all of us are lifting America into a new springtime of hope. Yes, in my heart I know it is true: America's future must be a future of peace, and together, we'll see to it that it's done.

Thank you, and God bless you all."

God, I miss him.

And they gave WHO a Nobel Peace Prize???

Castro Cuisineart-ists

When American lefties go to Havana and prostrate themselves before the Coconut Throne, they inevitably fall under the spell of the Branch-Domingoan Cult Leader, Fidel Castro. They immediately plant their tounges firmly up the Mangrove Mussolini's bunghole and leave it there for their entire vacation. And then pronounce it as tasty as Mom's home cookin'!

Which can make those afternoons at the beach a little tricky, what with the sand and all.

Our latest Mariel Munchers are Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover, who have been attending the prestigous Dining-on-the- Dictator Film Festival, where government-approved films by government-approved artists are shown to government-approved audiences.

The Trotsky Tasters were trotted out on government-approved radio to accuse Bush of blahblahblah. And, get this: they accused Hollywood of knuckling under to pressure from the US Government! What they only imagine about America goes on everyday in Cuba...with their help!

If they had the slightest bit of intellectual curiosity, they might ask about, oh...I dunno, how 'bout Cuba's much vaunted medical system? But intellectual curiosity pre-supposes intellectual ability, and these two couldn't think their way out of bed in the morning without large 'EXIT' signs.

But let's examine Cuba's medicine. It features the jailing of doctors who warn of outbreaks, as epidemics must first be approved by the Govt.. How 'bout psychiatry as a means of political suppression... a perennial Commie-Care favorite. Then there is the denial of routine care to Cubans while treating foreign patients, who are often detained for ransom themselves. This just scratches the surface, but the newly-free citizens of Eastern Europe will know exactly what I mean...scratches are to be avoided at all costs.

But Misters Belafondle and rubberGlover aren't alone in their ingestion of Flatulence a'la Fidel.

Charley Rangel has grown hoarse sucking the band off Fidel's Montecristo.

The Kennedy kids visit often to apologize for their Grand-Uncle getting in the way of the Cuban Olympic Marksmen Team's practice session.

Steven Speilberg gushed like a 12 year old at her first N'Synch concert about the most wonderful 8 hours of his life...spent with a slimy, murdering dictator!

Perhaps Mr. Speilberg could have met with all the free-thinking, creative directors of Cuba. But that would have entailed a trip to the prison. And that's down in the bad part of town. Mr. Schindler.

CNN's coverage of Cuba is just that; cover for Castro. Let's not let any news interrupt our rigorous tanning regimen, shall we?

CNN BREAKING NEWS FROM OUR HAVANA BUREAU: "Judy, the sun just went behind the clouds. Darn. I wonder what Castro had for dinner? Oh, well; we'll know soon enough. Back to you, Judy."

They must think they're back in college, dropping acid and talking philosophy to their Che poster for hours on end.

We know the names of all the celebrities; they stay in the best hotels where no Cubans are allowed. And have their choice of the good-looking prostitutes.

But we don't know the names of the real celebrities. Those pesky 'people of color' who are accomodated in the island's finest gulags, for their ridiculous insistance on a radical agenda of free elections. The bastards. They even want the right of Cuban artists to travel to foreign countries and criticize their own government.

You know; like the really good-looking prostitutes from Beverly Hills do.

So here's a name; Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet.

Sunday afternoon Ms. Elsa Morejon spoke by phone from Cuba with Ricardo Bofill from the Cuban Committee for Human Rights and Jose Basulto from “Hermanos al REscate” and she announced that her husband Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, was detained again on Friday, Dec. 6, 2002.

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet was preparing a meeting in order to celebrate the 10th of December and at the meeting they would go over topics of human rights with neighbors and human rights activists.

Dr. Biscet was arrested by the Security Police; he was beaten and taken to an unknown jail. Along with Mr. Biscet, also arrested were 12 other human rights activists.

He was beaten and taken to an unknown jail. It happens every Dey-o.

Merry Christmas from Hollywood, Dr. Biscet.

That's where they're filming a sequel; "The Color Pinko".

"Gee, Harry; nobody even mentioned the Doctor at the Film Festival. How odd."

"Forget about it, Danny; try one of these delicious Alimentary Appetizers...Fidel prepared them himself!"

(together) "Mmmm...that's Eatin'!"

Yeah. Twice.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Let us now leave Trooper "Wheelman" Larry behind the wheel of his State Police cruiser, with James "Bagman" Carville in the front seat, pockets stuffed with condoms & hush-money, and Bill "New Soviet Man" Clinton in the backseat, as they scour the back-roads of Arkansas, keeping a random assortment of run-away hitchhiker chicks, beauty queens and crack hos safe from the roving gangs of lynch-mob Rotarians, and let us now ponder...

Eternal Truths.

This feature is dedicated to young readers, who need this valuable information to better their lives and the lives of their fellow man.

#1: "We cheat the other guy, and pass the savings on to you!". This is time-tested business advice and the basis of all advertising.

#2: "You are the other guy." This is the basis of all sound governance.

#3: All institutions that are not specifically conservative are or will become liberal. This is because liberalism is the cultural default setting and liberals, while inept at building things, are experts at taking them over and running them into the ground. All the while socially engineering your life, and spending other people's money like a Viagra-crazed Saudi prince in the private lap dance room of Blondes, Inc..

#4: Children are gifts from God, and should not, generally speaking, be exchanged after the holidays.

#5: Otis Redding's version of 'Satisfaction' makes Mick Jagger look like a punky white-boy Art School drop-out.

#6: Men who wear band-aid Speedo swimsuits in public should be sentenced to 4 to 8 years as Janet Reno's pool-boy.

#7: Social Science and Political Science are sciences...as is Scientology.

#8: Like so many other bad things, this war started in the 60's, when Castro murdered JFK and got away with it. It kicked into gear when Arafat and Sirhan murdered RFK. It will not be over until Castro, Sirhan & Arafat are dead.

#9: In a better country, Al Gore would be forced to clean up behind circus elephants while dressed as a clown, and Democrats would be officially called the 'Carny' Party.

#10: There is no better country.

There you have it; business, politics, religon, family, war & peace, science, fashion and entertainment; everything you need to know to avoid being locked up in County over the long, long Holiday weekend.

Merry Christmas to all...spend it with someone you love!

Holiday Jeer

Lott is a little Senator now. His stupid comment has made it harder to oppose the left's Racialist agenda; not that Bush was even trying. We hope that one day, all of God's children will have a color-blind Government that treats all people equally. And we hope the new Majority Leader has more backbone when dealing with the Party of the Pigmentarians.

Before the moment passes, let's look at two such Mella-ninny Nanny-Staters;

Jesse Jackson, Jr. compared Lott to Monica Lewinsky, only worse: Lewinsky was a private matter, but Lott represents the public "mo-rah-li-teh" of the Republicans. Let me help you with your analogy, Jesse.

While it's true that Lott was servicing Thurmond orally, there were a half-a-dozen work-a-day felonies around the Lewinsky case. A better example of private "mo-rah-li-teh" might be ...hmmm...let's see...I know !; your Daddy's love-child with his secretary!

Except for Jesse Jackson, Sr. paying the mother hush-money with 'non-profit' money, there are almost no legal issues involved. ( Is it just me, or is there some cognitive dissonance in using the words "Jesse Jackson" and "non-profit" in the same sentence?).

Just trying to be helpful. Now run along and buy your half-sister a Kwannza present, Junior... what's Kwannza? Why, it's a Black Segregationist holiday.

It could easily be called "Thurmondza"...but then, it wouldn't get it's own postage stamp.

Bill Clinton called Lott a racist. But didn't he also call Janet Reno a racist for prosecuting Wen Ho Lee? "No Espionage here, folks, move along".

In fact, we are coming up on an important anniversary; Lee's midnight Christmas Eve downloading of all our nuclear secrets. It's the treason for the season!

Yes, this is that special time of year when Crouching Bill and Hidden Hill gather 'round the fireplace, filled with the warm, glowing embers of Hillary's billing records, and sing "O, Ho-Lee Night", safe in the knowledge that gated communities like their home in Chappaqua don't allow ICBMs.

Happy Chinese New Year to the Clintons...where it's always "The Year of the Rat"!

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Wave Goodbye

Item: A large cargo vessel sank in the English Channel this week, and it's cargo of Mercedes and other automobiles went to the bottom.

"These are now vessels in our fleet," said Commodore Undwatta Benz-Lexus, known affectionately as "Bends" in the Secret Saudi-Submarine Service (the S.S.-S.S.).

"After proceeding to the coast of Spain to fuel up, they have now assumed positions around England and will begin a naval blockade, until Islamic Law is instituted in Great Britain," said the Naval-gazer.

"We studied 'Operation Sea Lion', and realized where Hitler made his mistake...he failed to have thousands of young Nazis declared "protected minorities" and granted unlimited access and welfare payments. England: You are surrounded. Surrender now! Do it...for Di & Dodi!," demanded the Commander of Saudi seamen.

" I think it would be fun to be ruled by them," said a Labor Party spokesboy "but first we need to know where they stand on fox-hunting."

Hell, Brittainia!

Tuesday, December 17, 2002


have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese." - G.K. Chesterton

...but not on the subject of Cheese Eating Surrender "Artists".

An actor named Penn made a choice
to go to Iraq to "find voice"
He may find his audition
cut short by munitions,
Then he won't be around to annoy us.

What are you thinking , man? Did you hear they were casting the remake of "Ishtar"?

If you want to "find a voice", there are muffled screams coming out of Saddam's palaces everyday and night.

If you insist on being a useful idiot, stay in Hollywood...the pay is much better.

Non-factor actor.

Monday, December 16, 2002

It's 7:30...Do you Know where your apology is?

Trent Lott will apologize every 2 hrs. on the hour until Christmas Eve. After the holidays, apologizing will resume, though only twice a day at 9 am & 2 pm. When the Senate resumes business, the Senator will apologize daily, or until Al Sharpton begs him to stop. Thank you.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Headline Roundup


"We don't have much, but we beleive in helping those in need, especially at Christmas time," said Kim Kimkim, XIV, duly elected leader of North Korea," just as others have helped us in the past; we wouldn't have been able to mass-produce all those SCUDS without the help of Jimmy Carter & Madelaine Albright!".
In exchange, Yemen is sending de-forestation experts to North Korea to help with their bark-eating project. "It would be a lovely country if it didn't have all those trees in the way," said Yemeni Forestry Minister, Cheopim Al-Dhown.


Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill resigned this week, claiming that he was going on tour with Bono. "Bono promised me that we would play intimate, mid-sized venues featuring a collection of new anti-corporate songs," said the former ALCOA CEO, "but I can't seem to get him on the phone. Oh well, you know how we artists are."
"Maybe I'll go back to ALCOA; people say the economy is soft, but our tin-foil hat division is up 1000% over last year," said O'Neill.
Economic Advisor Larry Lindsey also stepped down. He was replaced by Lindsey Larry, a rather large, unattractive woman who seemed ill-at-ease in her dress.


Jesse Jackson and Rep. Maxine Watters objected to Sen. Lott's statement this week. "Race-baiting is a serious, puhfessional industry, and we don't need amatuers like Trent Lott messin' around, giving us experts in the industry a bad name," stated the completed-2-weeks-of-Divinity-School Reverend. "That's right," said the lovely, lovely Ms. Watters, " Did you know the CIA kept Thurmond alive all these years by injecting him with blood from black 'accident' victims?"
"Uhh...Maxine, do you know what this means?...Thurmond is part-African-American!" observed Jackson.
"That poor man!" exclaimed Watters.
"We don't mind if Lott wants in, but if you Race-Bait, you must pay the Freight," rhymed Jackson." I think another beer-distributorship for my family would ease the pain Sen. Lott has caused. I've got a new baby to support and Maxine here needs a team of facelift surgeons."
Sen. Lott could not be reached for apology, as he was out of town attending Geo. Wallace's birthday party.


The leading Cleric of Saudi Arabia announced the discovery of the "Protocols of Elderberry Wine", allegedly manufactured by the Mossad...but then, isn't everything?

Imam Ibn Drinkn Al-ittle claimed on state-run television ("must-watch" TV!) that the documents proved Christmas was a Zionist Plot to sell Chinese toys to American children, as Benjamin Franklin foresaw. The document, which reads like a drunken screed, went on to claim that Afghanistan was about gas pipelines, Iraq is about oil, Bosnia was about the uranium feilds of Kosovo and the removal of the Moors from Spain in 1492 was a Mossad plot to seize the valuable wind deposits on the plains of Spain.

"It exhplains everything that hash ever happened," Al-ittle slurred a little.

When asked why he should not be considered certifiable and the whole Middle-East declared a lunatic asylum, the cleric said "Thash a Mossad trick to put us all in therapy with Zionisht psychiatrishts!"

Reporters heard an explosion as the Imam's entourage drove away from the studios.

"Probably just alcohol smugglers again," said the Minister of We-drink-like-fish-in-our-palaces-and-when-we're-in-Europe."It's nothing to get drunk over."

Saturday, December 14, 2002

The Price

Smallpox vaccine being given out.

Heard an ad for anti-radiation pills on the radio. Never heard those during the Cold War.

Satellite photos of the Iranian nuclear complex.

North Korea re-starting their nuke, as if they ever really stopped.

Eternal Vigilance is the price of freedom.

We stopped our vigil. We stopped paying the price. Are we serious yet?

Seriouser, please.


Our Legal Dept., a guy whose real name may or may not be "Steve", urges that we insert several disclaimers to protect the vast corporate holdings of Sharp Knife Ink., and to preserve my viability as a Presidential candidate in 2008.

The phrase "kiss my Rebel ass" which appeared in the last post in no way supports segagation, racism or discrimination. In fact, it is an anti-racist statement. It means quit using the good people of Mississippi, both black & white, as props in your morality play. The black citizens are not happy darkies, singing spirituals from dawn 'til dusk; permanent victims who can't think for themselves. Nor are the white citizens Bull Conner- wannabes, just waiting for Washington to turn it's back to release the dogs.

They are thoughtful, decent people who are trying to be good neighbors in the New South, and they sure don't need the David Dukes and Jesse Jacksons of the world selling them the same old rat poison. Disagree?

Then kiss my Rebel ass.

The preceding phrase, in compliance with the McCain-Feingold-"Way too much Free Speech goin' on 'round heah!"-Act, should not be construed as endorsing any past or future candidacy, especially those of Wm. Jeffuhson Clinton, or his mentors Wm. Fulbright & Orval Faubus, or of Lester Maddox, George Wallace, Robert Byrd, Albert Gore, Sr. or Jr., or any other Democrat.

Other limitations and exclusions may apply, not available in all states, see store for details.

Friday, December 13, 2002

Mea Culpa

I did what I accused the Democarps of doing.

I ridiculed them for calling for Lott's resignation, but not Saddam's.

So before Lott resigns his seat in Congress, I call for the practicing racists in Congress to resign.

Maxine Waters comes to mind. And I wish she would leave. Jesse Jackson, Jr.; He's not just ignorant; he's college-educated ignorant!

But it's not just black legislators; they come in all colors, shapes & sizes...and they all beleive the Government can pick and choose on skin color.

Trent, I'm sorry I called you a dumbass. You're a bonehead.

But, you have earned some loyalty; you didn't let the Torch in the Singing Senators when Jumpin' Jim left. He sings Sopranos.

Besides, Mississippi people are good people; anybody who doesn't think so can kiss my Rebel ass.

But you're gonna have to bloody some noses and get your hair messed up, Trent. You gotta stop the hairspray thing; it's so John Kerry.

Like when you called sensitivity training a Communist mind-control technique. Quite so.

I hope they pissed you off.

Now stay pissed.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Trent and New Jersey

Not a Lott in common?

More than you think.

In New Jersey, a crooked Senator stepped down. No one in his party called for his resignation publicly, even 'tho he was a thief and for sale to the lowest bidders.

You see, thievery and corruption aren't a problem for Democrats; Now losing an election, THAT'S a problem!

So some activist judges installed a replacement Dino-crat in total disregard of the law. But laws mean whatever liberals want them to mean, when they want it.

Now Lott is no crook. He's not even a racist.

He's a dumbass. And a wishy-washy conservative.

But my bleedingbrain.com tells me that the calls for his resignation must not be serious; The Waste Management Dumpster-crats haven't even called for SADDAM'S resignation!

But that Evil Trent, why, we draw the line there!

Saddam must be ahead in the polls.

I don't want Lott around where he has to prove himself by caving to the Nouveau Jim Crow party.

So what's the answer?

We need a Majority Leader who is proven to be Anti-corruption, For the Constitution and the proper role of courts, a smart, stead-fast Conservative with a proven record of fighting racism.

Trent Lott should step down on one condition;

that the next Senator from Mississippi will be...

Mississippi's own Judge Charles Pickering.

A guy who stood up to the Klan when it was dangerous. He paid a price for it back then. Then he paid for it again in his Kangaroo Confirmation Hearing.

If you can call six Donk-ators with their fingers plugging their ears a "Hearing".

Hey!...I think there's an opening for Leahy's old job.

Now that's Cosmic Justice!

Here comes da' Judge!

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

The Stars Speak: A Hundred Points of Lite-Weight

"Hi. I'm Mike Farrell...(applause). No, not Will Farrell, MIKE Farrell. (silence). I'm not a Korean War veteran, but I played one on TV. Then, I did a few other things nobody remembers and the phone hasn't exactly been ringing off the hook the last few, well, 20 years, but that's not the point."

"As a pretend Army doctor, I feel I am very qualified to give medical advice and run our National Security. That's why I call on the President to stop his war of aggression now."

"Please, President Truman; Stop the war, so one day, the South Korean people can live in a Stalinist labor camp and eat grass and the bark off trees just like their North Korean neighbors. In fairness, we call on the starving people of North Korea to stop eating bark; you are damaging the eco-system. Please eat at the Four Seasons like everyone else. Or eat mud. It's good for you. Trust me...I played a doctor!"

"As for medical advice; Take with a grain of salt and call my agent in the morning...PLEASE! I have way too much time on my hands...and remember: Support Veteran Actors!"

"Thank you and thanks to the Acadamy and my agent's phone number is..."

"C'mon Farrell; this isn't a casting call; get off the stage...Hello, everyone my name is Martin Sheen."

"I'm not a President, but I play one on TV. The good thing is, a lot of you can't tell the difference. So I hereby order all troops home. If you cannot locate transport, go to the nearest French Embassy and surrender your weapons. If the French Ambassador says he can only issue surrenders, not accept them, then proceed to the nearest UN outpost, write a letter of apology to the people of whatever country you are in, and surrender your weapons to the UN official there. He will see to it that your weapons go to a deserving family of wild-eyed suicide bombers.

This is your Commander-in-Cheese speaking. Over and Out and Roger Wilco."

"Hi, people. My name is Uma Thurman. I'm not an actress, but I play one in real life. I don't like all these people picking on Strom Thurman. That's all I've got to say."

Lawrence Fishburne: "You stupid bitch! If Strom Thurmond had been elected President, he would have hung dark-skinned people and tortured their families...kinda like Saddam."

That''s why I oppose taking Saddam out...Fight the Power!"

"Hi. My name is...

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

New York Tee Times

Thurston Howell Raines III is all putt out that Augusta National won't do things the fairway.

Martha Burk is chipping away at the club's lack of women members and drove a wedge between the new Sec. of Treasury and his membership. (I predict he won't make it to the 18th hole...he's shown he can be rolled.)

But there is one organization they haven't cracked yet.

Absolutley no women are allowed to participate in it.

And it could provide access to golf courses all over the world.

Not to mention many other perks.

No, this is men only.

But, worse than that, it's not a private organization like Augusta.

It's a Governmental program!

Women pay taxes to fund it, but aren't even wanted or invited. Discrimination...you bet!

It's very name reeks of Discrimination...

Selective Service!

C'mon, Thurston; stand up for absolute equality and support women registering in case of a draft!

We're on the edge of war, and you think golf is the Burning-Tree issue of the day!

Miz Burk seriously wants men sterilized or at least forced to go before a government panel to get permission to have children...Do NOT let this woman anywhere near the ballwasher!

Shall we integrate the Girl Scouts? The Black Caucus? Tribal Councils?

If we want to forget all our traditions, what about Historically Black Colleges?

If we beleive in Absolute Equality and strict Proportional Representation, then women should sign up for Selective Service, and if called, be 51% of the front-line troops.

This is not to imply that women, especially Blog-women, aren't brave or wouldn't kick ass, if need be. Or that women should be second class citizens...No Way!

But we have Traditions; traditions of freedom, including free association.

I'm not interested in what a Limosine Liberal in a golf-cart with a Man-hating Radical for a caddy have to say about it.

Before you let the pampered tamper, remember...they were for Gay preists serving as Scoutmasters.

That's their idea of Selective Service.

Get off the green, Thurston, and go back to Gilligan's Manhattan Isle. Drop Mad Martha off at Wellesley.

And let Freedom play through.


No Liberty Bell Prize

Jimmy the Dihimmi foreclosed on his Nobel Peace Prize today, and called for our surrender, disarmament, giving our sovereignty to the UN and abolishing the death penalty.

Every time Jimmy used to kiss a dictator, we got another ethnic restaurant.

No more speech-writing for Arafat, Jimmy...

In the eyes of a handful of Danish socialists and a syncophantic press you are now ...Arafat's equal!

And you think that's an honor!

But, it's fitting that a Gutless Goober should get a Nobowel Prize.

Monday, December 09, 2002


American Enterprise.Org has a great collection of columns on Europe in this month's issue.

Jonathan Rauch points out that public opinion is not that different in Europe & America (except about Israel, a big exception); the big difference is Euro elites. He points out how destabilizing it is to be ruled by untouchable Socialist weenies.

Mark Steyn has a column about the Islamization of Europe that must be read to be beleived (and contains the worst/best pun since the one about Republicans opposing Vietnamese language ballots being 'Hate-Hmongers'.)

Good stuff also by Goldberg, O'Sullivan, A. Sullivan & others...


is one of the funniest sites out there. And getting some well-deserved attention from WhackingDay & Spleenville.

It's written by my friend Steve who is a lawyer in Miami.

When he's not getting stalkers released on technicalities to prey on you and your loved ones, Steve writes like a man who knows he's about to lose his law license.

Which is a distinct possibility, if there is a recurrence of those ugly, ugly e-mail incidents. Don't ask.

My personal favorite is column #6, but it's pretty hard to choose.

Do yourself a favor, and check him out. The humor is free...

but the gratuitous abuse will run you $250. dollars an hour!


A Federal Court spit out the GAO's request for records of Cheney's Energy Task Force.

GAO is an arm of Congress, and was acting on behalf of Rep. Henry Waxman.

Waxman just wanted to beat up the Administration... for asking Energy producers about Energy production!

He stamped his widdle feet, cried and blew an oversized snot bubble when the ruling came down.

Congress has no more business looking at the Administration's records than the Adminstration would have seizing the meeting records of Congressmen. It's clearly a separation of powers issue.

Waxman knew that. He was just grandstanding.

Which is about all Democrats are good for nowadays.

Get a job

Aide: "Mr. President, This is John Snow, Chairman of CSX."

President: " Good to meet you, John. Thanks for considering the Treasury post."

Snow: "Thank you for considering me, Mr. President."

Pres.: "I've got a question, John."

Snow: "I'm prepared to talk about the business cycle, capital gains, unemployment...whatever you'd like, sir.

Pres.: "Nah, none of that. John, do you know why Bono still hasn't found what he's looking for?"

Snow: " Because...uh...because the streets have no name!"

Pres.: " You start Monday."

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Gunnery Sgt. James Evans remembers...do you?

I enlisted in the Marine Corps in June 1940, when I was sixteen...

On December 7, 1941, I was stationed at the NAS Kaneohe Bay. At the time of the attack, I was a Private First Class, waiting in the barracks for the guard truck to take me to the main gate, where I was to stand the 8:00 to 12:00 watch.

We heard what sounded low flying planes and explosions, but as the air station was still under construction, didn't really pay attention to it, though someone commented on the fact they were working on Sunday. Suddenly someone came running into the barracks yelling, "we're being attacked by the Japs." Panic prevailed as we scrambled for our rifles, ammunition was another story. The storeroom was locked, and it took a few minutes to find the supply sergeant and get him to issue ammo without the proper authority.

A couple of us took a water cooled machine gun up to the second deck of the barracks, we planned to mount the gun on the roof as we would have an excellent field of fire on the planes banking around the barracks. One of them boosted me up to the ladder leading to the roof, when I opened the hatch and stuck my head through, here comes a Jap plane so close that I could see the pilot's teeth as he grinned at me. I'll never forget that. We made eye contact.

When I realized there was nothing but training ammunition for the machine gun, I loaded my rifle and braced myself on the ladder, with my elbows on the roof, and got off five rounds. From my perch on the roof I had a great view of the action down by the hangars and the seaplane ramp, Jap Zero's strafing the PBY's moored in the bay and on the ramps. I could see the tracer bullets from the planes and from the ground, as the sailors were returning the fire by now. Everything down there seemed to be burning.

I left my perch on the ladder as I soon realized that I wasn't going to hit a plane going a couple hundred miles an hour with an .03 rifle. I went down to the second deck and joined the rest of the Marines firing at the planes through the windows, we had a good field of fire as the planes banked past the row of barracks after strafing the seaplane ramp and hangar area.

After the first attack was over, I was assigned to a detail that went down into the dependents housing area to evacuate the women and children. During the second attack the Japs strafed our trucks a couple of time but no casualties. We took the dependents to a large storage bunker located at the base of Hawaiilon Hill in the center of the station.

I finally got to my post on the main gate about 11:00 and lived in the guardhouse for almost a week. It seemed like I was either on watch, or I was out with a detail at night investigating reports of parachutist, saboteurs or what have you. It was very scary in the first days after the attack, rumors flying concerning the Japs coming back with a landing force, the blackout, trigger happy sentries all over the island, etc.

The NAS Kaneohe Bay was the first military installation to come under attack. We had 18 men killed in action, we lost 33 PBY's and both of the hangars. We shot down at least three enemy planes, and Chief Ordnanceman John Finn, USN, received the Medal of Honor for his actions that morning.

Dec. 7, 1941.

Say you're sorry

Saddam has apologized to Kuwait...even though the war was their fault.

It takes a big Dictator to admit when he's wrong.

Maybe we're wrong about this guy, after all.

Just because his public career has left 2 million dead in it's wake, that's no reason to reject his apology.

Oops!...make that 2 million,three thousand dead.

And counting.

But, we accept your apology for all that, Saddam. Let bygones be bygones.

Except for one little thing.

You let Rep. Jim McDermott return to America.

We can't let you slide on that.


With this law, I thee sodomize

The Orlando City Council just passed an Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) , giving specially protected status to Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, the Trans-Gendered, the straight-but-really-drunk, the 'don't-give-a-shit anymore', the Confused and Lonely Hearts Club Band.

City Council spokeswhatever Joe Bloefeild explained; "This is a huge step forward, but next we also need to protect the rights of the Sexually Abstinent Community, The Adulterous Community, The Sexually Ambivalent Community, The 'Lingers-a-bit-too-long-while-poring-over-the-Victoria's-Secret-catalogue' Community, the 'Get's-lucky-twice-a-year' Community, The'Thought-I-was-Gay-but-I'm-just-sensitive-especially-since-I-got-my-inheritance-and-now-I'm-dating-Supermodels' Community. And I think we should protect those who have a special bond with their computer," said Bloefeild. "I feel we need a Really Encompassing Anti-discrimination Rule (REAR-ENDA) for them."

"Also, people who have sex in cars should be protected under a FENDA-BENDA law...and there's no question the Promiscuious Community has been discriminated against. Just because someone sleeps with 3 to 4 people a day...lets see...times 365...having sex with 1,340 people a year is no reason to discriminate against someone... as long as they can do their job."

"But first, we need to get our Gay Registry established. The Government has no way of knowing who is gay, so all Gays must report to us and be registered. Please bring proof of your Gayness, or you will be forced to appear before the Sodomy Reveiw Board. The Board is conducting certifications in front of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World every day at noon, 3 p.m. and six p.m... and a special midnight certification featuring fireworks!"

"You will be assigned an appropriate partner and you must convince the Board that you are, in fact, gay. Bi-sexuals may flip a coin to determine their partner and the Trans-gendered must appear dressed as Cinderella or Prince Charming; however, extreme cases may appear as one of the 7 Dwarves," he said.

"This will really help get Government out of the bedroom, and out in the Sunshine, where sodomy and good government belong," said Gay activist Gaye Okvist, "and Disney has been so helpful. This will allow us to charge admission, educate children and raise consciousness while fighting discrimination. And if you run out of film, just look for the bright yellow Kodak signs all over the park," she said."They have lots of film, and tips on how to frame those shots just right, for those special vacation memories your family will always treasure!"

"And the balloon vendors who coerce you into buying that damned Mickey Mouse balloon for your exhausted and grumpy kids at the end of a long day will now offer the kiddies Daisy Duck Dental Dam or Chip 'n Dale Condoms! Hey; at least they don't block the rearveiw mirror like the balloons!" claimed Okvist.

Next week, the Council takes up the issue of protecting patrons of adult movie theaters from discrimination.
Mr. Pee Wee Herman will testify.

Raincoat optional.

Friday, December 06, 2002

Our Ottoman Umpires

The 9th Circuit shorted out again today, ruling that the 2nd Amendment did not apply to individuals.

"The 'People' is the 'Militia' and the 'Militia' is the State Guard and the State Guard is the National Guard and the National Guard is the Federal Guard and the Federal Guard is, of course, the Federal Government," said a spokespurple for the Court.

The Government says that the Government shall not limit the Right of the Government to own weapons...for the sake of Good Government, of course. And the Government will decide what the Government means when the Government says what the Government decided.

Makes sense to me!

The Court is set to hear arguments in a First Amendment case in which it is alleged that 'Free Press' clause refers to the Congressional Printing office only. A wide variety of Government experts will testify...if they WANT to, because everybody knows that the 5th Amendment protects Government from testifying against itself.

"No one else will be allowed to testify, as that would clutter up the proceedings and could mistakenly lead people to assume they had the right to speak," said Judge Alfred T. Goodwin.

In a related story, the Court ordered all servicemen stationed in 9 western states to vacate their on-base housing, due to the Court's ruling on the 3rd Amendment; "No soldier shall, in time of Peace, be quartered in any house"...it's as plain as the nose on Bab's face," said Judge Reinhardt."And there's always 'time for Peace' in San Francisco. Turn, Turn, Turn and be sure to wear some flowers in your hair! And they say I never quote our Founding Documents!"

His Lawgiving Majesty Reinhardt continued: "This protects the Government from having to pay for housing for a bunch of freeloaders. Free food, free uniforms, free housing, free medical to treat their wounds...what have these people ever done for us? Besides, we need the space for the Homeless," continued the Judge, " who are entitled to free housing and all the booze in the Officer's Club, based on Article 21, the repeal of Prohibition."

"Say, guys, shouldn't we run it past two thirds of the States, if we're going to amend the Constitution?" asked Judge Fernandez.

"Okay; Fernandez, you be New Mexico. Goodwin, you be the rest of the western States, and I'll represent the East coast and the Mid-west...all in favor say 'Aye'...The 'Ayes' have it!" exclaimed Judge Reinhardt.

"This Constitutional Convention is now adjourned."

But still in Contempt.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

The weather outside is frightful

on the East Coast, with a million people without power in the Carolinas.

This is an excellent opportunity for Sen. John Edwards to go home and explain why his party wants to shut down all the evil power plants so people can enjoy Pristine Nature.

You know, like they did at Valley Forge.

I'm sure they blame it on Global Warming. Yes, Warming.

Floods?; Global Warming! Droughts ?:Yep. Heat wave ? : Ditto.

Like a tribe of Borneo pygmys, every phenomena has the same cause; Sun God Angry!

If they just shake the Kyoto Shaman stick at the sky, and say the mumbo-jumbo sincerely enough, the Sun God will be placated and bad weather go away. Ugh!

Or it will be a plot by Enron and Bush to drive up prices.

After all, a government that thinks it can control the weather is capable of anything!

Cuddle up!

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Feel MY P.R., Bitch

Saudi Foreign Affairs advisor Adel Al-Jubeir felt the heat today.

Mr. Jubeir is a lucky man. With a woman's first name and a last name that sounds like 'Jew beer', it's a miracle he made it out of the Kingdom alive.

He held a rare press conference where he defended the Slave Kingdom's efforts to get to the bottom of terrorist funding.

Here's a hint, Adel; in Slaverabia, 'bottom' is the 'Top'!

Like Princess Faisal's donation to pay a Saudi citizen's 'medical bills'. Usually, this is code for "The Princess pushed another servant down the stairs...pay them off."

Somehow the money made it to the hi-jackers, who did indeed use it to buy surgical supplies...boxcutters.

Or the Saudi elites' funding of Wahabbi schools to save their own asses and skewer ours.

The whiny Mr. Jubeir went on to complain of reflexive Anti-Arabianism!

Well, for once in your pampered lives, you've earned something!

Hell, we listen to your reflexive Anti-Americanism all day long; Deal with it, you big cry-wahabbis.

If you want a little good PR, consider freeing some American slave-girls.

Or maybe you could ix-nay on the Terror elethon-Tays. Just a suggestion.

Personally, I think you should get on your knees and thank The Great Pool of Oil on Which you Sit that the President seems to like your largely worthless asses, and that his father didn't let Saddam conquer your country while you bravely fled to Eurosnottia, with your water-skis, mistresses, Glen Chivet, towel boys and acess codes to your Swiss accounts.

But that's just me.

I also hope the families of the 9-11 victims sue the tableclothes off your asses. I only wish Barbara Olsen was alive to serve as lead counsel.

But she was murdered.

By Saudi students...with boxcutters.

What a coincidence.

Funny how they keep piling up.

Sunday, December 01, 2002

When we think of the Pilgrims,

we tend to think of them getting on the Mayflower and sailing from England to the New World.

But their real point of departure was first from Holland, the world's most liberal country in the 17th century.

"So they left that goodly and pleasant city (Leydeen) which had been their resting place near twelve years; but they knew they were pilgrims, and looked not much on those things, but lift up their eyes to the heavens, their dearest country, and quieted their spirits." - Wm. Bradford

Pastor John Robinson asked the Dutch for permission to come to Holland, "and to have the freedom thereof in carrying on their trades, without being a burden in the least to any one."

The Dutch replied "they refuse no honest persons free ingress to come and have their residence in this city, provided that such persons behave themselves, and submit to the laws and ordinances."

The Separatists then escaped England, to build their lives in a tolerant country, free to work and free to worship. As did other dissenters, including John Locke.

No safety net below them, yet they thrived.

"And first, though many of them were poor, yet there was none so poor but if they were known to be of that congregation the Dutch (either bakers or others) would trust them in any reasonable matter when they wanted money, because they found by experience how careful they were to keep their word, and saw them so painful and diligent in their callings. Yea, they would strive to get their custom and to employ them above others in their work, for their honesty and diligence," said Wm. Bradford.

They built a congregational church, the inspiration for the New England town meeting.

Pastor John Robinson debated at Leyden University where differing veiwpoints were offered without coercion or murder.

The Dutch eventually gave England the monarchs William and Mary, and therefore The Glorious (and peaceful) Revolution, and the English Bill of Rights.

When they finally arrived in America, they instituted the first proto-Marxian" 'tis the Economie, Dullard!" program ever seen in America, but, sadly, not the last.

They nearly starved.

Bradford: " the vanity... that the taking away of property and bringing in community into a commonwealth would make them happy and flourishing; as if they were wiser than God."

We owe much of our heritage of Freedom to these Englishmen...but also to the Dutch!

That small country was a bastion of free worship, free markets, open to those who were willing to work hard and obey the laws, forseeing our own Republic.

(The preceding information is from the excellent essay, "The Pilgrims in Holland" by Robert A. Peterson.)

Now let's fast-forward to the present.

Let's see how Holland is faring with it's latest batch of religious immigrants.

A Muslim extremist, Abou Jahjah incited 2 days of race riots in Antwerp, fomenting disorder, attacking Dutch and black businesses who did not pay protection money, destroying vehicles and attacking police after a Morrocan teacher was murdered by an insane dockworker.

The Hizbollah fighter heads the Arab European League, which demands Arabic schools, self-governing Arab districts and rejects assimilation into the society which generously let them enter their national home and now provides a generous safety net. Perhaps the net is part of the problem.

The Authorities were adamant that they would stop the violence, and even the liberal Dutch press agreed that Multi-Culturalism was a disatrous failure.

One can't fail to notice the difference, even with over three centuries between examples;

Pilgrim, not Islam, means Peace. With Prosperity;

Islam means Submission and Squalor.

Ask a Dutchman.

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