Thursday, October 31, 2002

Noah's Arks

In 1962, Chancellor Konrad Adenaur agreed to provide the Israeli Navy with sleek missle boats to counter the threat of the Soviet-backed Egyptian Navy. He felt obliged after what Germany had done to the Jews. Hmmm...a German leader with a conscience!

It had to be kept secret.
So acting on a tip from a former Nazi, the self-hating NY Times published the story. Naturally.

The Germans bowed to Arab pressure, but agreed that the "Jaguars" could be secretly built in Cherbourg, as France was supplying much of Israel's arms.The project was run by Gen. Mordechai Limon, who had smuggled Jews into their homeland in defiance of the British and single-handedly blown up an Egyptian warship in it's own harbor. He was given command of the infant Israeli Navy at age 26.

Israel received some of her boats, but in the summer of '67, DeGaulle turned his back on his old friends like Moshe Dayan, who had fought the Vichy. Thus began France's long slide toward submission, denying Israel any more 'offensive' weapons. But Cherbourg never got the message, and one weekend Israeli sailors got on 3 boats and sailed for Israel. This time, Paris clamped down.

But the Isrealis still wanted the remaining 5 boats they had paid for, so they launched "Noah's Ark". They found a Norweigan middle-man who offered buy the boats for 'oil exploration' and the French, uncharacteristically eager to end the affair, agreed. On Christmas Eve, the "Norweigan" sailors left their friends in Cherbourg and slipped out of the harbor under DeGaulle's oversized nose.

Soon the story broke and the French raged impotently, as only the French can do. They had no ships available able to catch them. Pompideau poutingly sent jets to buzz them but lacked the balls and any right to fire on the legally purchased, unarmed vessels. Nasser & Khaddafy sent a sub to sink them, but it was met by Israeli vessels and the limp Barbary piroguie shrank back into the diseased foreskin of Tripoli harbor.

For once, the Grand-Mufti's Grassy-Knollers were right...it WAS the Mossad!

The ships arrived in Israel to celebration.

The French Generals who approved the sale were dismissed.

And the citizens of Cherbourg smiled.

A good day, altogether.

More of them!

Momento Morti

Nixon should have killed Arafat for the murder of our diplomats in Khartoum.

Carter should have killed the Ayatollah. Yeah, right.

Reagan should have killed Khaddafy.

Bush 41 should have killed Saddam.

Clinton should have killed Osama. But that would have been in our interest, so, no way.

Every one of these failures to strike the Death Blow have cost tens of thousands of lives, misery and untold expense and diminished the prestige of the United States, leaving us vulnerable.

We've got a lot of bastards need killin'.

30 years worth.

Not one more American life should go unavenged.

Not one. Ever.

Fear our Name, Islamo-fungi.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

"The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, on the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of Divinity itself, and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power."- Alexander Hamilton

Just in Time to Vote!

200 Haitians jumped off a boat in Miami, just in time to point out every problem with immigration today.

They were rounded up and the fun began.

Haitian leaders complained that they weren't treated like Cubans, who get asylum (except Elian).

We spent a billion dollars when Clinton "fixed" all the problems in Haiti, and one out of every six Haitians already live in the U.S.

Instead of treating Haitians like Cubans like Haitians, let's treat Cuba like we treated Haiti. Can you hear the helicopters, Fidel?

A black Congresswoman blamed Jeb Bush for the laws she voted on in Congress, and asked him to call his brother, even 'tho we're supposed to be a nation of laws, not men.

It's been said Bush is soft on immigration because he wants Jeb's son George, who is of Mexican extraction, to be President someday. But I think it's because he met decent Mexicans, of which there are many, while living in Texas. Which is fine, but no way to make national policy.

The Haitians were to be released until their hearings, and usually only 5 percent show up.

Does the name 'Malvo' ring any bells up there in D.C.?

Update: The Haitians are being held, not released. The politicians and activists want them released, but so far INS is not doing the usual catch-and-release.

Perhaps they can be screened for infectious diseases & criminal histories now. And then be put on a boat back to Haiti, to wait in line.

Political pandering by both sides, ignoring laws supported by most Americans, race-card politics, hyphenated- Americanism, public health issues, prisons packed with foreign criminals, 400,000 people receiving SSI payments never having paid a dime into the system, exploding education and health costs, foreign workers undercutting American wages, train robberies again out West, terrorists using the same networks of smugglers and fake IDs...if they even feel the need to bother. This is Immigration today.

Who will listen to the people?

The Circus is in Town!

Well, the Wellstone State Fair /Pie Eating Contest & Livestock Judging Caucus & Memorial Service is finally over.

And what a dignified and touching event it was.

It had all the charm of an SDS rally, and Tom Harkin spoke as if he were auditioning for a part in the remake of "Triumph of the Will". Damn man, stop screaming; you got the part, already!

The Flaming Radical Trent Lott was denounced, and other Republicans were called out by name and told they owed it to Sen. Wellstone to support Democrats.

That's so's the people could have a choice, you know, like in New Jersey.

Paul would have wanted it that way.

He would have wanted it that way if he were a monarchist, heavily into primogeniture; or in Mondale's case, primo-ancestor-ture. The Divine Right of Democrats to rule forever.

Mr. Wellstone's memory will now be whatever the Power-mad need it to be, whether monarchist or Monarch butterfly.

Then discarded.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

To the Shores of Tripoli

Jefferson tried to form a coalition of civilized nations to fight Muslim piracy over 200 years ago.

France thought it better to appease the criminals.

So much for the inevitability of Progress.

In a related development, France is down to one aircraft carrier, and it needs spare parts. And the workers of France will provide those parts...as soon as they get back from their 6 months of paid vacation. And get their raise.

Our third President;

"...It would be best to effect a peace through the medium of War..."

"Paying tribute will merely invite more demands...the only solution is a strong Navy that can reach the pirates."

"These (pirate) States must see the rod...it must be felt by...them"

..."lastly, Our determination to prefer War in all cases to tribute under any form, to any people, whatever." - Thomas Jefferson

Honest Elections, for a change

Bush signed the Election Reform bill today.

I hope it has some security measures in it, and not the typical 'why can't we vote with our TV remotes?' crap.

So-called "Democrats" are geared up to stuff ballot boxes from coast-to-coast.

Just because Democrats kept blacks from voting years ago, that doesn't give them the right to steal elections today.

In fact, we need stiff criminal penalties for election officials and voters who commit fraud.

They are worse than invading Fascists, because the people would rise up against such an obvious tyrant.

These insidious Totalitarians lack the honesty, but not the intent, of the Gestapo.

This crime goes to the very heart of who we are and what we beleive in, and should be treated accordingly.

I can accept some stupid laws that are honestly arrived at, because I have a chance to convince my fellow citizens of their mistake.

But how does one convince armies of phantom voters that exist only in the Stalinist imagination?

It's not even voter fraud really.

It's Treason.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Get Serious

I wonder how the FBI feels about the INS releasing Malvo, who went on to kill their agent?

It's hard to understand why Bush and most Dems want to give amnesties.

Federal employees are being killed by our unserious open border policy. That doesn't bode well for the rest of us.

Did you know the #1 suspect in the Chandra Levy case is an illegal alien?

Did you know Chinese students are posted to our Universities to steal secrets?

Did you know foreign nationals vote with impunity?

My point is not xenophobia. My point is that we must regain control of our borders, or we cease to be a country.

We become a bus stop in the United Nations of America.

And when there are large populations of unassimilated people with loyalties elsewhere, we will come to the British solution: surveillence cameras, gun confiscation, internet monitoring, etc.

Immigration yes...with assimilation.

On our terms.

Un-Natural Selection

It was strange to hear HILLARY! claim the W. was selected, not elected...as if that were a bad thing.

They tried selecting voters in Florida...and rejecting the ones who decided to serve overseas.

She selected furnishings from the White House collection for her new house.

And she selected terrorists to set free for votes, during the Great Pardon Fire Sale. They didn't even ask to be pardoned!

Good luck, New York...you selected her!

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Off to a Big Fat American Wedding

...so posting will be light to mostly non-existant for a day or so.

So I'll leave you with a one-sentence speech by Honest Abe, given at a flag-raising ceremony:

"The part assigned to me is to raise the flag, which, if there be no fault in the machinery, I will do; and when up, it will be for the people to keep it up."

So man the ramparts while I'm gone, boys & girls, men & women!

We're in for the fight of our lives.

And keep it up!

Movie Night

Watched "Collateral Damage" last night. This is the Schwarzannegar film that was delayed after Sept. 11 due to scenes of terrorism.

Pretty flat characters, decent action, but I was disappointed that Arnold let them bash the CIA yet again.

Yes, I'm sure there have been bad agents. No, I don't want Capra-esque cheerleading always. But never?

Must every Hollywood treatment have the bloodthirsty Fed killing South American peasants?

Hollywood just moved from El Salvador to Colombia without bothering to fill out a change of address form.

The people who supposedly prize 'independent' thought keep fishing in the same tiny pond of hackneyed cliches.

But Arnold should know better.

3 words for Arnold...

"I'll be back"?


Johnny "Mike" Spann.

Friday, October 25, 2002

Man Gave Names to the Animals

It occurs to me that I have using a lot of animal comparisons recently.

Protestors as Ugly Fducklings, Jennings as goat-boy, Carter as cottontail, Clinton as a pony, Torch as the endangered Hairy- nosed North Jersy Wombat, Gore as a homo sapien...

I guess the left has become a People's Republic Petting Zoo, with the Peyroni Pony at the reins, charging admission, fixing the kiddie games and chatting up the mothers with mirrors on his shoes!

In deference to my friend David at Whigging Out.com, I will try to refrain from furthur sullying the good names of our furry, feathered & finned charges.

What's that, Lassie? You say that unlike Leftists, animals have TWO responses, flight AND FIGHT?


And you want to bite that creepy guy with the mirrors?

"Arf! Arf! Arf!"

Good girl! You're smarter than the average bea...Leftie!

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Thanks to all

who have stopped by recently. I'm taking the night off to read Bill Gertz's "Breakdown", about our intel failures; but I have to say, I beleive that is only a small part of our problem. There have also been failures of culture, education, immigration, moral imagination and patriotism, to name a few.

Blogging is great...I didn't imagine myself writing book & movie reveiws, historical perspectives & quotes, current events, humor & satire...even an obit. I'm just glad we can talk this way...one more reason to smash the book-burning Babylonians.

To new veiwers, there are some humor posts if you take the time to scroll down...some are almost funny!

I forgot to mention Larry Miller at Weekly Standard and Theo. Dalrymple at City Journal.org on my Essential Library list. Top Notch Stuff!

Til next time...

In honor of UN Day

I will never again use 'honor' and 'UN' in the same sentence.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Our Namesake

"I will smash them, so help me God!"

For those who would like to know more about the original Sharp Knife, Andrew Jackson, but just can't find the time between work, school, family and invading small countries, we offer Robert V. Remini's "The Battle of New Orleans".( 1999, Viking, www.penguinputnam.com)

Professor Remini wrote a classic 3 volume work on Jackson, but this small 200-page work captures the essential Jackson at the height of his power.

You'll learn how "Old Hickory" brought together a force that would make today's multi-culturalists drool, if only they subscribed to American greatness: Free Blacks, Indians, Kentucky Hillbillies, Pirates, Tennessee Militia and Creoles, in a war that involved Britain, Canada, The Indian Nations, Russia, France , Spain and the questionable fate of a shaky American nation.

Britain never really conceded it's loss during the Revolution, and decided to try once more. After burning the White House and the Capitol, they saw the re-colonization of America within their grasp.

All they needed was control of the Mississippi.

Then, Andy Jackson happened to them.

And they never came back.

This is no dry history. This war was the forge of the Star-spangled Banner, & how our country was made.

And this was the Last Battle of the Revolution, won by a man who started fighting the Redcoats as a 13 year-old!.

In his own words...

"Who are we? Are we the titled slaves of George III? The military conscripts of Napoleon the Great? Or the frozen peasants of the Russian Czar? No! We are the free-born Sons of America...the only people on Earth who posess rights, liberties & property which they dare to call their own!".

If you are not acquainted with the greatest Warrior this nation ever produced, the loss is yours...

and his.

Protestors... with Something to Protest!

Sadamned released his prisoners to celebrate his soon-to-be-certified-by-Carter cliffhanger 'election'.

Some of the prisoners might even have been criminals.

Without the Times' permission, guards and citizens were actually saying "Bush OK!", smiling and giving the thumbs up. On camera!

Today, family members of those who didn't survive the penumbra of Ba'athist 'justice' protested.

Think about that.

In a country that has been in the iron grip of the worst kind of dictator, the people who have suffered the most are saying "No More!"

They sense their Hour of Liberation.

They beleive George W.Bush will do what he says, unlike his father, who forgot the lessons he learned as a brave young pilot by too many evenings in Georgetown salons.

Not another sell-out to stability, another decade of slavery, murder, torture, terrorism and rape.

God, forbid it.


Certified Grade A-hole protestors here in America are agitating...to send those brave people and their families back their prison cells!

I take back every word I've ever said about immigration. I'd take 10 of those Iraqis for every 1 of these space-wasters.

Scumbag Lowlife FascistWannabes, whose poster-boy is a cold-blooded cop-killer who calls hisself 'mumia', are abetted by the NY Times, who in a stroke of kismet, published a glowing lifestyles peice on an unrepentant Weatherman bomber...on Sept. 11, 2001.

Like 'Dewey Beats Truman!', that article is Smithsonian material! A dysfunctional cultural artifact from the proto-collaborator's 'Paper of Record', who, helpfully, just published our urban warfare tactics in time for Sadoomed's consideration. Thank you, Vidkun Raines.

These Self-Hating 'amerikans' busy themselves protesting Monsanto, whose only crime was to provide hard, no-scratch surfaces from which they snort coke before protesting our involvement in South America.

Hey! Dope Fiend! Maybe YOU'RE the American who's sticking his nose into South America! Ever think of that?

Blinded by their rabid Blame-America-First-Second-Third-Last & Always-ism, they would prefer the peasants of the world to continue to be mounted & ridden, rather than confront the miserable nihlistic assumptions of their pampered, narcissistic & smallish lives.

"Bush is quashing dissent!" Bite me.
"Amerika is a Police State!" Fuck off.
"We're the victims of repression!" You've never had a repressed thought in your cosseted, condo-to-campus co-existence, my Bitch. You should try it sometime.

You don't even qualify as 'protestors'.

You're just whiny babies, whimpering to be made eunuchs and slaves.

The real protesters are Iraqi.

You're just our little Ugly Quislings.

Quack, Quack.

UPDATE: Feds say Snipers caught...motivated by anti-American sentiments after Sept. 11; Their confirmation code phrase to communicate to police: " We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose."

I rest my case.

Tip o' the Knife...

to Robin Williams, who unlike many in Hollywood, cared enough to go to Afghanistan for 2 USO engagements.

Mr. Williams, who has successfully played himself in a variety of movies, is invariably hard on Republicans & conservatives, but redeemingly brutal to the French.

Begging the question; 'How does someone with that much body hair make fun of zee garlicked Gaullic?'.

It's simplisme. They're French!

Now...Carpe Baghdad!

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

"Alone, if necessary. If the other nations of the world haven't got enough sense to see where appeasement leads, after the appeasement that led to the Second World War...then we had better protect ourselves and go it alone."

"There is no substitute for victory."- Gen. Douglas MacArthur

The Blob

Presidents come and go, but the Entrenched keep and grow their power.

State has fired only a handful of employees in decades. They veiw Foreign Governments as their 'customers'. And the customer is always right!

For example, they have resurrected the Dred Scot ruling to return runaway American slave girls to their Saudi masters.

They insist on issuing visas to people on the Terror watch-list, saying; merely being on the list is no reason to deny entry! This is the only "must-issue" provision that Libs support.

Now it comes out that the Stabil-o-crats who let the hi-jackers write their own visas in crayon have written their own bonus checks.

Activists float in and out of agencies, one day working for them, the next suing them, to 'force' the the Agency to do what it wants to do anyway. Then it's stamped by an activist judge, and viola, Law is born, completely free of messy things like elections, legislation or the consent of the Governed.

Democrats veiw Homeland Security as another Jobs program, and a source of campaign money. The President is right to insist that the employees first allegiance be to the nation's security, not to a union that places roadblocks in the way of keeping Americans safe.

We need a Containment policy.

Then a Roll-back policy.

and a lot less Contempt of the Governed.

An Amendment...

Thanks to readers Mr. Geib and Mr. Quick for pointing out the error of my assertion that a Treaty equals a Constitutional amendment. My confusion sprang from the 'Supreme Law' wording, which asserts Federal supremacy over State laws, not co-equal status with the Const. itself.

I will therefore pledge not to argue any cases before the Court, until Clinton get's his law license back. If he can argue before the Supremes, anyone can!

Which gives me an idea for an occasional feature: Constitutional Follies!

Readers are encouraged to send an example of the most ridiculous, lame-brained or malevolent twisting of the Constitution of which they know.

Here's one (of many) that come to mind:

Lowell Weicker (Id.-Conn.) explaining the 2nd Amendment, claimed the "State National Guards" were the equivalent of the 'Well-regulated Militia'. And because the "State" part is subordinate to the "National" part, what the Framers were doing with the 2nd Am. was to give to the Federal Govt. the exclusive right to own firearms!

Had I listened longer, I'm sure he would have explained how only PBS & Voice of America had free speech rights under the 1st Amendment!

Revise & Extend...

Monday, October 21, 2002

Here Comes the Sun

Reader Bashir mentions an offhand slant by Peter Jennings that turned him off to the Canadian Cue-Card reader...say, isn't that a job that Americans want? He may be deportable!

I recall one story by Brian Williams (lib, but likable), where he started the peice on La Nina by saying "Here's another way man is changing his enviroment;" I listened, but there was not one word in the peice about that cause & effect. Brian took it for granted.

We have mottos at Sharp Knife; "Trees: We'll Grow More!" and "Weather: It Changes!".

I was amused recently by Amb.Thomas Freidman, who proposed bringing peace to the middle East by having the PLO & the Mossad come together to fight Global Warming! The Lexus vs. The Olive Tree, I suppose.

The EU sensed Clinton-Gore's desperation to get Kyoto passed, so they loaded it up with billion ton anchors on the American economy, so their welfare-bloated system could "compete". Hell, they don't spend enough on defense to feild a good Police squad, let alone a real Army.

Even Europe didn't bother to ratify this rat's nest, except for Slobovia & Lichtenschtick.

How bad is a Treaty that can't get one vote in the Senate?

By the way, according to the Constitution (remember that?), a Treaty IS a Constitutional Amendment, and they should be referred to as such.

How 'bout a little basic science first? Or a decent weather report?

We're already fighting one superstitious cult.

Snipe Hunt

Karl Rove's strategy is working!

The 2 illegal aliens from Central America taken into custody in the sniper investigation reportedly had a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker on their white van!

Or maybe it was on there when they got it.

This could be a case for Algore's lawyers...denying foreign nationals the right to vote like it says on the Statue of Liberty!

But it does point up the risks of millions of unknown illegals wandering the country during wartime.

Got Borders?

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Per our previous post:

"No man will be argued into slavery."

...Except the over-educated who volunteer themselves...and us!

And of our Entitled Jacobins...

"By having a right to everything, they want everything."- quotes by the peerless Sir Edmund Burke

No Blood for Oil?

Say I decide to break into the house of a man owns the local plumbing-supply store. I get caught, resist arrest and get roughed up and tossed in jail.

Can I then count on the Oily Blood crowd to protest outside the jail..."No Policing for Platinum-plated Plumbing Parts!"? It's not about plumbing...it's about the right of the man to his safety & property.

This war is not about our oil-based transportation system.

It is about more prosaic forms of transportation: whether we and our children are going to be dragged behind camels, handcuffed to a caravanserai and transported backwards a millenia in time, to bondage in Egypt.

Of course, if oil supplies were threatened, it would hurt consumers, degrade their lives and cause massive unemployment. Which is why the Left supports drilling...oops! Oh well, as long as it's Bush's fault!

Sometimes the Left says one thing , but it really means something else. I know. Shocking, isn't it?

When they say "No Blood for Oil!", they really mean: "No Blood for...Anything!".

They will not fight...for anything, ever. Because they are Entitled.

Entitled to free lunches, free medical care, free education, free housing, free speech, free sex, free condoms, free expression, free cable, free needles, free music, Free Mumia, Free Willy and most of all, in true Idiotarian fashion, they are entitled to something that has never existed, anywhere at anytime, and never will...Free Freedom.

That's 0% down, 0% financing, no payments 'til the 12th of Never, Federally mandated trigger-locked, seat-belted pad-all-the-corners, lower than no-cost Liberty!

No one ever told them freedom isn't free. If that thought happened to cross their path, it was just an illustration of rank jingoism.

They never heard George Bancroft, the founder of the Naval Acadamy, speak of the Minutemen; 73 farmers against 700 Redcoats on Lexington Green:

"There they now stood, side by side...with (fire)arms in their hands, silent & fearless, willing to shed their blood for their rights...John Parker, the strongest and best wrestler in Lexington, had promised never to run from the British troops; and he kept his vow. A wound brought him on his knees. Having discharged his gun, he was preparing to load it again, when he was stabbed by a bayonet, and lay on the post which he took at the morning's drumbeat..."

And it wasn't about oil.

Then or now.

(Liberty, sponsored in part by the Flying 555th; "When it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight!")

Saturday, October 19, 2002

A Cultural Time was had by allah...

"Welcome, lowlyfemales & manly Men of Islam to Royal Albert Speer Hall."

"After the stunning success of our last program, "Sept.11; A Towering Day in History", we bring you tonight's presentation: "A One-sided Conversation; The 7th, 9th or 12th Century...Into Which Century Shall We Drag Civilization?"

"My name is Hinssein Gibbrish, President of CAIYM (Collaborators & Apologists In Your Midst). I'll be your "Moderator" tonight...but first, some delicious bakalava!" (swallowing the tray)

"Our (gulp) panelists tonight are: Ali Ali Alim, advocating for the 7th Century, Muhammed Muhammed Muhammedi, advocating for the 9th Century, and Hussein Hussein Husseini, advocating for the 12th Century."

"Before we begin, how about singing a few verses of "The Name Game"...No? Alright, lowlyfemales, bring each of our panelists a goat kabob...and I'll have 3."

(Chewing) "Ali, (chomp) lets begin with you. You are the 47th child of your father's 23rd wife; are you sure your father didn't play for the NBA?"

(Evil glare from Ali)..."Nevermind. Why do you prefer the Glorious 7th Century, Ali?"

Ali: "The 7th century was when the Prophet first raped, murdered & enslaved infidels...and forever established that Islam means 'Peace'."

Gibbrish: "You're not eating that kabob...I will! Now, Ali, what about his treatment of women & children?"

Ali: "As you know, we beleive women ARE children.
According to our Satanic verses, when the Prophet had visions and thought he was going insane, his 9 year-old wife, Aisha, told him he was receiving messages from Allah through a CIA microchip implanted in his tooth by a Jewish orthodontist. Never listen to lowlyfemale."
"Also, he was very progressive. He was having sex with children long before it became fashionable with the University's Elites. Which is why those degenerates must be destroyed."

Gibbresh: "Makes sense to me!...I've just been handed a note from our judges. They have declared Ali the winner...and sentenced our other panelists to death for even THINKING about advocating another century!"
I guess you 2 won't be needing those kabobs either!" (taking them).

(Audience breaks out in muted applause, due to many amputated hands).

"Could we see a show of hands...and/or stumps of those in favor? Resolved:The 7th century is the Future!"

"This meeting is adjourned, except those of you who are staying for beheadings or the Alfred Nobel-Black Powder Workshop."

"As for me, I must go receive my title to my $600,000.00 row house from Her Majesty's Government, cash my welfare checks and pick up 43 family members and my Cleric who are arriving at Heathrow. And they're taking me to dinner!"

"lowlyfemales, wait until the manly Men of Islam have left the building before you exit on all fours.Those lowlyfemales with a missing hand may exit on all threes."

"Have a 'Peace'-ful evening...and century!"

The J-school Joke

I heard Peter Jennings say on the Unbiased Evening News something like:

'North Korea announced today that it has nuclear weapons, which brings up the question; Why invade Iraq and not North Korea?'

Does Petey mean we should attack both countries?

Heavens, no!; He thinks we should behave like good Canadians: Step up the immigration of Muslims until the country is called The Islamic Republic of Canada...then meekly submit to sha'ria. Bucking for a job on the "Evening of Civilization News", Peter?

Or , as one blogger said, "Can't clean this dirty window over here, 'cause there's another dirty one over there!"

"Peter, You need to cut the grass & clean your room today."
"Can't cut the grass today, Dad."
"Why not?"
"Because, I've got to clean my room."
"Well, then go start cleaning your room."
"Can't do it, Pops...I've got to cut the grass."
"Wait a minute, son..."
"Sorry Dad,...I'm a journalist in a hurry...Bye!"

Why doesn't it bring up the question: "What the Fuck were we thinking, sucking up to Clinton & Albright, a low-rent Arkansas 'Traveller' & a failed party hostess?"

Or the question: "Should we apologize to our veiwers on the West Coast, whose homes are now in reach of North Korean nukes?"

Or even: "I wonder why we're losing veiwers faster than Brittney loses her panties?"

No, the only question that will be asked is: "How come Howell Raines gets to INVENT the news, and I only get to slant and distort it, eh?"

Better address that in your next contract negotiation, Petey.

After you cut the grass.

Goat boy.

Friday, October 18, 2002

Why Sept. 11 ?

Ambassador to Sudan Cleo Allen Noel, Jr.

Charge' d' affaires George Curtis 'Curt' Moore.

In Khartoum, on March 3, 1973, they were attending a party given in their honor. Was that how someone made sure they would show up? The party was held at...the Saudi Embassy.

Arafat's Black September goons burst into the room. They demanded Sirhan Sirhan's release.

Sirhan is still alive.

A day later, our diplomats were dead.

30 years later, Arafat lives.

Arafat is on tape, ordering their executions...then calling back to make sure it was carried out.

A quarter century later, he was smiling on the White House Lawn.

He's still cashing our checks today.

I doubt there is anybody still at State who knew Noel & Moore, but you would think that State might object to it's diplomats being murdered with impunity.
You would think.

Thank you for serving your country, Gentlemen.

Not EVERYONE has forgotten you.

Why Sept. 11?

Wrong question. Ask the question our enemies asked.

Why not?


Bill went to Eastern Europe & Russia, as a student, at the height of the Cold War.

As Governor he took Chinese bribes.

As President , he took more.

Look what happened:

Viet Nam got recognition & market access.

China got full market access, all Patent office files, ICBM technology, every nuclear secret, all the visas it wanted for it's agents, the Panama Canal, training in military logistics, Dual- use technology, University training in nuclear physics & applied biology, WTO membership...and Clinton claiming that Janet Reno went after Wen Ho Lee...out of racism!

North Korea got recognition, oil supply, nuclear reactors.

Even Cuba got Elian.


Da...By the hundreds.
and fifties & twenties.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

The Empress fails to impress

HILLARY'S! famous, earthshaking, awe-inspiring speech, nay, distilled Wisdom for the Ages!

She deigns to address the lowly:


"Good Democrats." ( scattered nervous laughter)

"That was a joke." (uproarious laughing & jocularity, continuing for minutes)

"Cease." (dead silence)

"Sidney, get your nose out of there, before I sit down and break it off. Just kidding, Sid. Leave it there."

"Anyway, as you know, my husband and I love the military. And the Yankees. Bill recently made news by saying he would get a rifle & fight if Israel were invaded by Iraq or Iran. But he was misquoted . Actually, he said he would get a rifle & fight if Isreal were invaded by Irkutsk or Ireland."

"We were going through some boxes of old photos the other night and I asked him 'You bastard...who are these women'?, and Bill said 'Sorry, Ms. Rodham, wrong box', so then he got the right box and we started looking at pictures of Our Presidency..."

..."Oh! look at this one, Bill! You're peering out across the Korean DMZ with the lens caps on your binoculars! See; I told you there wasn't any threat out there! And look at this one of you and Putin...which one is the former Communist Agent? ...Trick Question! I said 'former!' "...

" I don't think I'd stand behind my "Buffalo" Bill when he shot his rifle...or when retreat was sounded! Sadly, only one of us wears the camoflage pants in this family."

"Many of you know how I tried to join the military back in 1975...but they told me they had already won the war and I couldn't speak Vietnamese anyway! "

"But seriously, I tried to join the Marines, but they wouldn't have me. Funny how things change...these days the Marines call ME a baby-killer."

"But that's enough small talk. You peons owe me the Presidency. Get of your asses and make me President or I'll have you guillotined! Now move it. You have your orders!"

"And please give your most generous gift to HILLARY! in '04, '08, '12, '16 & '20. Also CHELSEA! in '24. No last name, PLEASE!"

"We accept cash, checks, sequentially numbered money orders, endorsed welfare checks, foreign currency, works of art, real estate, unsecured loans, golf clubs, union dues, VISA, Mastercard, stock tips, cattle futures, free legal services, book advances...and furniture!"

"Oh, and I'm a moderate now." (standing ovation & sounds of journalists making mad dash for exits to write fawning articles.)

"And, people...you've been warned!"

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina addresses the DLC :

Pull up a chair and kick yo' shoes off...

Howdy, y'all.

I want y'all to know I was just down at the courthouse with Sheriff Taylor and Opie, and the Sheriff said " John, you're a trial lawyer , but you're not scary like that Dershowitz guy & Johnnie Cockroach."

"That's what you...that's right, Andy." says I." I'm a DLC Democrat. That means I can't tell you what I'd really do if'n you make me President someday. Shucks, I even support a measure that the Bar Association hates! It would limit attorney's fees to just half of the Gross National Product.Y'all."

"Well, that's just wonderful, Senator." said the Sheriff.

"By the way, Andy, I represent Otis here, and his disability check just arrived at the liquor store,and..."

"Say no more, Senator. Deputy Fife, release Otis to the custody of the Senator. He won't be much trouble, Senator. No more than, say, Teddy Kennedy."

"Thanks, Sheriff! It'll go easy for you when I sue Deputy Fife for brutality," says I.

"Wait a darn minute! He can't do that can he Andy?" said Barney.

"Well, Barney, he did shut down 'Aunt Bea's Pickle Pie Emporium' 'cos she didn't have any lesbian employees." said Andy.

"Yeah, but that was 'cos the 'Pickle' part scared them off!", said Barney.

"And remember when he sued Floyd the barber under the Clean Hair Act? Floyd had to file an Environmental Impact Statement to sweep up the hair off the floor...and get a Federal Beautician's License! Drove him out of business!", said Andy.

"Deputy Fife, do you deny getting in the cell with Otis and laying down?" says I.

"Well, no, Senator, I take a nap every afternoon..."

"Do you realize how you sexually terrorized poor Otis under color of Authority?" says I.

"What!? He was dead drunk asleep!" said Deputy Fife.

"So you admit to taking advantage of the Disabled! This is going to cost you, Sheriff!" , I told them.

"Senator, Mayberry's a small town; we can't afford that," says Andy.

"My staff tells me that if you close the orphanage, cancel that new cement pond at the Youth Center and raise taxes 10% , you'll be able to afford my fees...'course, you still have to pay Otis for his pain & sufferin'," I said.
But I've got to get back to Washington now so's I can perpetrate some more Justice for you people!"

Opie: "You're a bad man, Senator!"

"Here kid, have a cigarette! Every penny we lawyers & Democrats get from smokers goes to fight those Big Tobacco boys up in Mt. Airy!"

Next Speaker: HILLARY!'04!

Unity: America, Britain & the Commonwealths

"We do not war with primarily with races as such. Tyranny is our foe, whatever trappings or disguise it wears, whatever language it speaks, be it external or internal, we must forever be on our guard, ever vigilant, always ready to spring at it's throat. In all this, we march together. Not only do we march & strive shoulder to shoulder...on the feilds of war...but also in those realms of thought which are consecrated to the rights & dignity of man." - Winston Churchill, at Harvard, Sept. 6, 1943

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Gephardt's Pander vs. Bush's Rover...citizens lose.

A leading politician recently met with a group of Racialists and pledged to support their agenda to subvert the laws of the United States.

John Ashcroft at the Arayan Nations KLANFEST! '02 & White Sale ?

No, It was little Dicky Gephardt at the La Raza Fiesta!

Dicky returned to Washington and reported to fellow members of the Democratic Caucasian Caucus ( Dem' Ca-Ca!)

See Dick speak:

Ola, everybody!

I've just come from a meeting of a some people who call themselves "The Race"! But, it's okay because they are on our team. While I was there, I proposed a massive amnesty program for millions of law- breakers, line-jumpers, criminal aliens & terrorists...in the name of fairness. Because, what could be more fair than never seeing another Republican President again...ever?

My proposal was this; If a Muhammed Atta could slip across the border illegally, hide from the authorities, and unlawfully hold a Job That Americans Don't Want(TM.) for a couple of years, bingo! a good, law-abiding citizen is born!

If Pres. Bush calls my bluff and supports amnesty, then I will support amnesty AND reparations!

And if Bush supports amnesty & reparations, I will support amnesty, reparations, AND the ceding of the entire American Southwest to Mexico.

And if Bush supported amnesty, reparations, and territorial loss, I would then support all that PLUS giving Haliburton stock to each new immigrant, and making Espanol the official lingo of these here Estados e Unidos!

Well, as you might imagine, their eyes were big as las platas by then. Then one La Raza delegate raised his hand and asked "What if Pres. Bush give us all that too...what's in it for us, then?"

The hall went silent as I thought. and thought.

Then I said "I will also support replacing Washington's Birthday with Cesar Chavez's, moving Independence Day to 5th of May-o !
I will also locate water stations, driver's license offices, polling booths & bus service in the desert...and have Aztec human sacrifices every Friday afternoon on the steps of the Capitol!"

Well , the hall just went wild with gunfire and colorful native dancing!
I'm proud to report that the right of the Government to dissolve the people and elect a new one is secure!

I remember What My Mother Said To Me(TM.).

"Dick", she said,"You go right ahead and turn this country into a hellish Third-world Tower of Babel that even I won't recognize, if that's what it takes to protect the right of Democrats to rule forever and make you permanent Speaker".

And I'll never forget it. I looked into her eyes and I said..."Gracias, Ma."

I just want to be your Teddy Bear...

Cold Fury has a recent post (Teddy, They Hardly Knew Thee), reprising(via Instapundit) the Nobel Peace Prize speech given by TR.
It contrasts well with the rabbit-spewtum UN-speak of James Earl Carter, Jr.

One built the Canal , one lost it. Were Teddy here, it would be Jimmy's choice: "Elephant or Nail guns at 10 paces, Sir?"

The Canal was TR's crowning acheivement; it bespoke American National Security, Commerce & Engineering...so it HAD to be frittered away by fools. It now precariously hangs within the grasp of the Chinese; entirely unacceptable to TR...and me.
I would urge you to read "A Path Between the Seas" by David McCollough. A fascinating story & my favorite by the author.

Asthmatic as a child, Teddy forced his body to strenthen. He became a boxer, a cowboy & a soldier.
The Cowboys laughed at his dude clothes & manners; 'Hasten forth there, Quickly!', but came to respect his toughness, honesty & bravery.

TR was a good family man & instinctively understood the family as a mediating influence between the individual and the Nanny State; hence the liberal attack on family.

He gained office & his integrity propelled him, finally landing him in the Navy Dept. where he agitated to remove the Spanish from Cuba. He went there and did it, becoming a war hero.

He was a good writer & historian; dispelling the old notion of a privateer navy that led to the War of 1812 & advocating a strong professional Navy.

Famous for hunting and for protecting national treasures with Parks, I doubt he'd approve of the current abuse of that system or the war on guns.

His Trust- Busting looks mild compared to the choking regs on Business which cost each one of us everytime we make a purchase.

He stood against Hyphenated Americanism, which has become official policy. Today we reap the disasters of this renegade religon, the Cult of Cultures.

And he understood the positions of modern Libs... and rejected them strenuously.

As men on the rise, he met & disliked Churchill, as two Lions in a Forest will.

He foresaw the rise of the Bolsheviks & identified Russia as our main adversary in the 20th Century...at the turn of the century!

On National Defense:
" If we forget that in the last resort we can only secure peace by being ready & willing to fight for it, we may some day have bitter cause to realize that a rich nation which is slothful, timid or unweildy is an easy prey..."

"Cowardice in an individual, as in a race, is the unpardonable sin."

"We ask for a great Navy...the surest guarantee of peace...no national life is worth having, if the nation is not willing, when the need shall arise, to stake everything on ...war...rather than submit,"...and Islam means Submission.

When our Moroccan Ambassador Perdicaris was kidnapped the bandit Raisuli, he told the Republican Convention: "We want either Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead!"

Unconvinced ?
Name a politician today who would finish a speech...with a bullet in his chest.

The guy was tough...and right.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Grazi, Signor Columbus

The Spirit of Adventure, Profit (not a dirty word here) and Superior Naval Technology brought Columbus to the Americas over 500 years ago. And , not counting the Vikings who didn't live to tell the tale, he did discover America, not merely 'encounter' it.

That is wishful thinking to equate the American Indians with Sea-faring explorers of Europe.

But it was not Unclouded Glory for Columbus. At one point he was imprisoned by Queen Isabella. Lot's o' backstabbin' goin on in the Court.

Columbus made 4 trips to the New World...the last one probably the most dangerous. He arrived just ahead of a Hurricane, but was refused dockage. The experienced Admiral tried to warn the local Governor, but was ignored. The Governor dispatched a fleet of treasure ships to Spain & they were promptly sunk.

Columbus went on to Panama & faced marooning & mutinies. He was the first to sight the South American coast, but mistook it for an island.

Presaging Club Med, he had an interesting theory that the world was shaped like a breast...and he discovered the nipple! He was Italian, after all.

So to all of you who have the day off...A Tip o' the Nip!

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Snatching Ignominy from the Jaws of Defeatism, or, From Hare to Obscurity...

I'm ashamed to say it...but my first vote was for Jimmy Carter. In fact, this little website is part of my contrition and reparations to America for that heinous, unspeakable lapse in judgement.

No, that's not strong enough.

I deserve to be drawn & quartered, meted 50 lashes on the quarterdeck, 30 days in the hole, 10 days before the mast with a cat-o'-nine tails & to be tarred & feathered, then run out of town on a rail before walking the plank for my Crime against Humanity; exercising my franchise to seat a President who still cowers at the mention of the word..."rabbit"!

Just don't make me watch Donahue. THAT"S cruel...and extremely unusual, judging by the ratings.

In defense of Mr. Carter, it was probably a Mean-Spirited Conservative(tm) rabbit that savaged him that fateful day in the wilds of South Georgia. A mere chance episode that scarred him for life & brought down a Presidency...but then, an animal CAN be a good judge of character sometimes!

On the other hand, the dictionary defines 'rabbit' thusly: "any of various lagomorphs that are born naked, blind and helpless, that are sometimes gregarious, and that include esp. the cottontails of N. America,"

And the rabbit had no armed security detail.

I'm trying to picture Andy Jackson losing a skirmish with a bunny.

I fail.

Or George Washington crossing the Delaware, waylaid by a Hairy-nosed North Jersey Wabbit coming over the side of his boat, immune to the paddle blows, to commandeer the vessel & thwart the surprise attack on the Hessians, thereby changing the course of History.

Again, no.

Say what you will about Jimmy,...I do!

A Giant of Lilliputian Proportions, the Cardboard Man in a Cardigan, a Titan of the Tennis court schedules, a Kisser of Commissars, our first Sub- President ...and a verifiable Elmer Fudd in the presence of livid lagomorphs!

And in all likelihood, the only Nobel Peace Prize "winner" that ever wrote a speech for a previous "winner"; Yassir Arafat.

You see , Mr. Carter veiws the Arabs as the oppressed Negroes of his youth. This analogy works...if you put 6 million white people into DeKalb County, and surround them with a half a billion angry black people in the rest of North & South America...sounds kinda like Mugabe World, don't it?

I wonder... has Little White Jimbo certified Mugabe as the duly-elected-leader-of-his-people yet?
If he hasn't, he will. Always does.

Let's reveiw his record; (Children, the Elderly and those with weakened immune systems, avert your eyes!)

He ran the economy into the ground, making Albania's GNP look good by comparison. Every Albanian admires Mr. Carter to this very day...except the ones who lived under Communism.
Or their children.
Or their children's children.

He created the Dept. of Education Unions...by all accounts, an unqualified success; Unqualified teachers, successful at driving students into private & home-schools, to escape the Orwellian social engineering and mandatory ignorance.

He weakened the Military strength & International standing of the United States...but he did appoint the first 9 year-old girl ever to the head the N.S.C.! (Let's listen in...)

"Amy, should we develop the B-1 Bombah?'
"Uhhhh...I dunno, Daddy."
"I'll take that as a 'no', Sugah,"
"Can I go to school now, Daddy? It's my turn to feed the class rabbit."
(Secret Service agents tense & reach for their guns)
"Amy! I told you NEVER to use the 'R'-word around Daddy! This breifing is ovuh!"
Secret Service Agent: " Mr. President, Bugs Brezhnev is on the phone."
"I don't feel good. Tell him I'm not heah. I'm going to my warren, I mean, give the phone to Warren! I need to go lay down..."

He had the good sense to be in the room when the Statesmen Sadat & Begin signed the Camp David Agreement..but then ruined the moment by insisting on re-naming it the 'Camp Abdullah Mohammed / Mogen David Agreement'.

He provided wonderful new opportunities in America for all...all of Castro's psychopaths, murderers and rapists.

And he wrested Warren Christopher away from a promising career as a California Raisin to serve as Assistant Deputy Doormat to Dictators.

But Witless Warren had no Intell to help him, 'cos Jimmy had the CIA castrated for lusting in their hearts after Fidel.

But on the other side of the ledger, from the moment he took office, he worked tirelessly to elect Ronald Reagan.

Walter Cronkite called him the most well-prepared candidate he had ever seen.

Translation: "He looks so good on paper, yet fails so miserably in office. It must be ...the Republican's fault!"

So, now on the eve of war, he accepts a prize that is a calculated slap at the current President's efforts to keep us all alive & safe.

So take your million dollars, Mr. Carter, except for $19.95, and put it in a Swiss account. Mr. Arafat can help you with this.

Then help the Little Corporal rebuild with your "Headquarters for Inhumanity" program. Don't ask questions when 'Yas' confiscates your power tools for "law-enforcement" purposes, i.e., confession extractors.

Bring extra nails. Yassir runs through a lot of them. They seem to keep turning up in the Emergency Rooms of Israeli hospitals...in Israelis.

Then take your $19.95 and get yourself a copy of "ACME'S 'How to Outsmart a Wabbit!'"

It's huntin' season down in Georgia...

and the rabbits look pissed!


He always belonged to History ...

Historian Stephen Ambrose has died at age 66.

His love of the veterans of WWII shone through in his work, as well as his love of country.

I enjoyed his Lewis & Clark work, and his story of the building of the Inter-Continental Railroad.

Although involved in minor controversy lately, it is hard to find fault with a man whose chosen mission was to educate (& re-educate) Americans on their own national story.

The Education Blob will want to sleep easier tonight, so it remains to us to see that their sleep is disturbed and their Theft of History is thwarted.

They say "It's a catalogue of Crimes!"; Mr. Ambrose said it was a long march to Freedom.

They say "Forget!"; but the historian says 'Remember'.

Stephen Ambrose, Rememberer...& Patriot.

Mr. Clemens awards the REAL Nobel Prize...Dynamite!

"Here was a grand (Middle Eastern) picture which I had worshipped a thousand times in soft, rich steel engravings! "

"But in the engraving there was no desolation; no dirt; no rags; no fleas; no ugly features; no sore eyes; no feasting flies; no besotted ignorance in the countenences; no disagreeable jabbering in unknown tongues; no stench of camels; no suggestion that a couple of tons of powder placed under the party and touched off would heighten the effect and give to the scene a genuine interest and a charm which it would always be pleasant to recall, even though a man lived a thousand years."

"(Mid-East) scenes look best in steel engravings. I cannot be imposed upon anymore by that picture of the Queen of Sheba...' You look fine, madam, but your feet are not clean and you smell like a camel'." - Mark Twain, "Innocents Abroad"

Saturday, October 12, 2002

Turn the Page

Sharp Knife highly recommends "The Secrets of Inchon", The untold story of the most daring covert mission of the Korean War. By the late Commander Eugene Franklin Clark, USN.
Intro. & Epilogue by historian Thomas Fleming. (G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2002)

Commander (then Lt.) Gene Clark, an Intelligence Officer, was sent into the islands near Inchon to prepare the way for MacArthur's brilliant invasion that saved South Korea.

Lt. Clark operated right under the enemy's nose, fighting hand -to hand at times & relaying intelligence that saved thousands of his brother servicemen.

He wrote his own unassuming & professional first-person account...and modestly filed it away for 50 years, only to see the light of day after his death.

It reads like a good John Wayne movie, with espionage, infiltration, sabotage & combat.

Lt. Clark organized the local South Koreans, who fought bravely; and had his own small fleet of junks conducting mine-sweeping and naval firefights.

For his heroism, he was awarded the Silver Star & the Leigon of Merit, among other honors.
It's a reasonably sized book (not too long), and is an excellent account of the kind of men this country produced in the face of a murderous tyranny...the kind of men that would not want to be called 'heroes', but were...the kind of American heroes we still need today, perhaps more than ever.

431 Years Ago, This Week...

The Islamist flagship 'Sultana' led a huge fleet, in the shape of a crescent, into the jewelesque waters of what is now known as the Gulf of Corinth. The Admiral Ali Pasha, who was to meet death on this day, flew under a green Meccan flag.
Allah's name was woven into the flag 28,900 times with gold thread, each word a lie.

Soon they were confronted by a smaller fleet of Christian sailors & warriors, determined to protect their homes & stop the conquest of Europe by the minions of Allah, and his dung-beetle prophet of submission, Muhammed.

The flagship 'Royal' flew a flag emblazoned with a blue crucifix. In command was Don John of Austria, the 25 year old "Manhound...the last Knight of Europe, tak(ing) weapons from the wall"...of Chesterton's 'Lepanto'. He formed up his ships for battle in the shape of the Cross...

It was Oct. 7, 1571. This was the Battle of Lepanto.

In a stunning rebuke to our Era, Pope Pius V, consulted neither lawyers, nor pollsters, nor P.R. experts, nor therapists, nor ceded moral authority to any U.N.; but instead, he properly understood that this fleet was defending Civilization. The next time you hear a Divinity School drop-out lead cosseted Trustafarian school-children in chanting 'Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ. has got to go!", remember what they mean.

Because of this profound insight, and the courage of men whose names should drip from our tounges, but are largely forgotten, we have grown up in a culture of expanding freedom & progress, free from the eternally stagnating repression & spiritual death that is the maggot-ridden fruit of Islam.

A few of the names; Miguel de Cervantes, whom you will recognize, fought bravely here & was captured in a subsequent battle with Algerian corsairs, to become a slave for 5 long years before writing 'Don Quixote'. Take that, Mailer! But the names of Giulio Carafa, Sebastian Venier, Agostino Barbarigo mean little to us...yet, they are part of the reason we are not slave-goatherds paying tribute to the Sultan before retiring to our villages in the evening, to mutilate the organs of our daughters while facing Mecca.

A great victory was won after a bloody fight, and the Ottomans were ever-after on the run. Although they later captured Crete, it was a downhill slide, to the eternal good of mankind. Because brave men were unconfused by modern doctrines that deny reality, instead of demanding principled action.

Many of the veterans of this battle were later killed in the sinking of the Spanish Armada, inter-Western warfare being the deadliest kind known; Still, we owe them a debt. Like our Founders, and the Ancients they admired, these, too, were Giants, and we stand on their shoulders.

Our enemies are not the only ones with long memories, you see.

From the Ages, the victorious Warriors of Lepanto whisper to us..."Now it's your turn "...

Friday, October 11, 2002

I got up this morning and made some steaming hot Assault coffee. Fried up some bacon & eggs in my Assault frying pan, then drove to work in my Assault vehicle, where I handled Assault 2x4's & used my Assault hammer, Assault nails, & my Assault saw, which plugs into my Assault electrical cord. Then, back into the Assault car to go home. Played a little ball with the kids, using the Assault bat & ball, then it's dinnertime. As I viciously stabbed my steak with my Assault steak-knife and brutally speared my English peas with my Assault fork , it occured to me:

There Will Always Be An English Jail Cell... for the Guilty Victims!

Item: Vicar reported, arrested & defrocked for keeping antique derringer in Grandfather clock.

Item: Men hold vandal for police. Vandal released, Men charged with kidnapping.

Item: After repeated robberies, homeowner shoots & wounds burglar. Burglar freed long ago. Homeowner set for release.

Somewhere in King Tony III's Royal Dungeons...

Mick: "'Ello, the name's 'Mick',"

Charles: " Mine's 'Charles'. Been here long?"

Mick: "2 years now. They charged me with Robbery. I was robbed by an Islamo-street gang. They took my money and kicked me in the ribs with their pointed shoes, 'til I bled..."

Charles: "So you also got charged with 'Hate Crimes' ?"

Mick: "I'm afraid so. 'Bleeding on an Italian Stiletto Loafer While Interfering with a Third-World Foot', the prosecutor called it. How about you?"

Charles: "I'm a kidnapper. I caught & held a vandal 'til the officers arrived, whereupon they arrested the guilty party...me."

Mick: "What about the punk who threw the brick through your window?"

Charles: " Athletic Scholarship. They say he's got quite an arm!"

Vicar: "Evening, Gents."

Men: "Good Evening, Vicar."

Mick: "How did you get in here, Reverend?"

Vicar: " I kept a derringer hidden in my clock because I thought crime had gotten out of control in my parsonage."

Charles: "You 'thought-crime', all right! If you'd just stuck the gun up some little boy's pants, you'd be Arch-Bishop right now, Vicar."

Vicar: " Actually, lads, I'm not a Vicar anymore. I was defrocked by the Church. Christians can't defend themselves anymore, without a dispensation from THE Highest Authority, The Big Guy Himself...Kofi Annan!"

Mick: "Well, we're better off than old Bert there; he shot his home invader, isn't that right, Bert?"

Bert: "Yes, lads; I was in my country house when my burglar Dan broke in..."

Charles: "You knew his name?"

Bert: "Oh, yes...it was his 7th burglary with me...would you like to see some pictures of his family?... Anyways, old Dan comes at me with his knife; I think he was on the drugs again, and I says "Hey! that's my knife!"

And Dan says "No, I took it off you 3 robberies ago, remember?" And I says "Sorry, old boy. You're quite right!... but must you stab me with it?"

"I must," says Dan.

"So I happen to look up and I see a portrait of Churchill above the fireplace; and his eyes are looking right through me, as if to say: ' For the Love of God, Defend Yourself, Man!'. So I get my family's old fox- hunting rifle, and let old Dan have it!"

Mick: "FOX-hunting rifle! No wonder they threw away the key!"

Bert: "Yes, and the Judge wants to try Sir Winston as a post-humous accessory, in abstentia! And Winston had been doing so good, keeping himself out of trouble for the last 40 years! I think the Judge was still angry that Pinochet got away from him."

Charles: "That's awful, Bert!"

Bert: " That's not the worst of it. My burglar Dan refuses to fertilize my prize roses or feed the goldfish, since they gave him my house! But, I've had time to catch up on the Classics...I'm reading the New Labor edition of Dostoyevsky's "Punishment & Crime".

Mick: "You mean 'Crime & Punishment' ?"

Bert: "Not around here."

(Sounds of keys rattling)

Guard: " Come along now Bert. The Judge says it's all the fault of the Imperialist War- Monger Churchill... you are free to go!"

Bert: "No! Please don't make me go! There are criminals... out there!"

I feel some serious blogging coming on...

But in the meantime, a quote;

"I thought over the fact that what the Communists, the North Koreans, were doing was nothing new at all. I've told you. The only new thing in the world is the history you don't know. And it was always the same, always had the same result. Hitler and Mussolini and the Japanese were doing the same thing in the 1930's. And the League of Nations had let them get away with it. Nobody had stood up to them...I wasn't going to let that happen. Not while I was President." - Harry S. Truman

Thursday, October 10, 2002

A few more 2 party fault lines and then I'll quit...

Content of Character v. The Mellaninny Nanny-Staters,

Needle Exchange v Stock Exchange,

Sat Test v.Smell Test,

Merit- based Promotions v. Marrow-based Pigmentarians,

and for you romantics;

Venereal Libertines v. Libertarian Valentines!

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

More 2 party favors...

We know about Mommy party/ Daddy party, Santa v. God, The Stupid party & the Evil Party, Blue States & Red States...

Speaking of, that seemed to be a purposeful mis-labeling...we are true blue & they are...well, Reds. But now we are the color of righteous anger & action, and they remain sad & blue. Perfect.

There's the Self-Esteem party & the Self-Defense party,

The Panama Canal party v. the Panama Red party,

The Consent of the Governed v. the Contempt of the Governed,

Military voters v. Dead voters,

Texas crude oil v. Kali mood oil...

and Steyn-ers vs.the Dowd-ies!

Lileks' US/ UN...

James Lileks (lileks.com/bleats/) is correct in stating there are 2 parties, the US party & the UN party.

I would add the Therapy party & the Sanity Party.

Or the party of Wishful Thinking & the party of Unpleasant Facts.

Perhaps the New Man v. Human Nature,

Friends of Tradition & Hostiles to History,

Junk Science Druids v. Profit & Progress.

Victim party v. Victory Party...Standing for Friends or Crawling before Enemies.

Any thoughts...or feelings?


Why do 21st century multi-cultists love 7th century mono-cultists?

Did Thurston Howell Raines III lose his tenuous grip on reality when he learned his alter-ego, Jim Backus, portrayed Gen. Curtis LeMay in 1953's "Above & Beyond"?

And when will Raines fire the reporters and change the Times logo to: "All the News I Pull Out of My Ass"?

Are the French finally making agreeable noises at the UN because of their 'USS Cole' oil tanker, the stabbing of Paris' Mayor, their ambushed troops, etc. & does the blood of Lafayette yet flow in their veins?

Were you counting on the Supremes to strike down Campaign Finance speech restrictions? Don't be so sure after the cowardly performance in the N.J. case.

How confused will Justice Kennedy be if the DNC puts a "Vote for Gore" sign on the butt of a 'virtual' child 29 days before an election? Virtual child porn is protected speech and deadlines are meaningless!

Will Jim A. McDermott & David C. Bonior officially change their middle names to "Aid" & "Comfort"?

Why do the networks badger the Pres. to make the case for Iraq, & then censor him?

Did Bush finally fingerprint incoming Saudis because he realized he might not be Pres. again if they do it again?

Why is there even such a thing as 'incoming Saudis'?

Has Saddam killed 1 million or 2 million people?

What's takin' so long?

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Some News takes, with questions;

The gay Socialist Mayor (Maoyor?) of Pa-ree has been stabbed by an Islamist...will this cause any lights to go on in the Euro-Left's highly evolved & deeply sophisticated brains?

The Longshoremen's strike is costing millions, if not billions, and makes me wonder if this is a Democrat strategy to hurt the economy before an election...you can't put it past them , can you?
Bush should come down like a lead weight on these overpaid & unpatriotic goons.
'Tho I have to say, all those Chinese ships sitting there doesn't bother me.

But it does bother me that 2 former Secy.s of State work for the Chinese. I heard Haig say recently that "We're all friends now"...No, we're not! You may be, but not me! It doesn't seem right that a Sec. of State would use his former position to represent a country that is hostile to us & our values, & we hostile to theirs. Smell Test!

Bush seems determined to let Business transfer more technology to the Chinese. BTW, there are now 200,000 Chinese in Panama. Anyone have a take on how vital the Canal is to us militarily & economically?

2 Islamists sentenced in a S. Florida plan to blow up power stations & wage jihad...58 months was the sentence for the naturalized Am. Islamist, and that's not enough! This is one more reason all these assholes should be in tribunals. The defense argued that no actual attack had occured, but this is akin to the reasoning that Clinton used to minimize WTC 1. The perps MEANT to be more sucessful, they just didn't pull it off.
The other bastard was a Pakistani, enjoying our hospitality. If we are not going to use tribunals, not going to execute & not going to forbid plea bargains, can we at least strip the pukes of citizenship?

Sharp Knife does the Movies

Watched "High Crimes" last night, starring the attractive Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman, who turn in good performances in a suspenseful, yet typical, Hollywood take on the military.

The title, of course, comes from the Constitution. As we know, this clause of the 'Living' (read: whatever we want it to mean) Constitution never refers to Democrat Presidents.

No, High Crimes in Hollywood always means the usual- "Corrupt General covering up Central American war crimes", The typical- "soldiers are brainwashed killers" and the hackneyed cure: "Lawyers are the heros".

Even the 'good' soldiers are conspirators & killers, except for the Marine defense lawyer,a la Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men". Ho hum. Personally, I'd like to see Nicholson put back in charge of Guantanamo, and use that knife-in-the-nose thing from 'Chinatown' on our little charges!

This movie was put out in time to bash military tribunals. Thank you, Hollywood.
Morgan Freeman uses Dershowitz's line "Military justice is to justice what military music is to Music".

'Scuse me, but I'll take the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and the Nuremberg Trials over "Cop Killer" and the OJ Trial any day of the week.

Sadly, most veiwers will probably not analyze it ( and shouldn't have to), leaving it's profoundly anti-military message to be absorbed unconciously, surely the intention of it's leftist authors.

Naomi... have a little chat with Ashley!

Saturday, October 05, 2002

After reveiwing the previous post, I now realize that I may have been too harsh, so let me apologize.

First, to Vidkun Quisling. You turned coat after losing to the Nazis. Clinton turned while we were beating the

Second, to "ass-sniffing, self-licking" dogs, who, when THEY do this, are, after all, merely following Nature.

Thirdly, to ponies, I deeply apologize. You have never, never done anything to deserve the comparison. Never.

Next, to Wen Ho Lee. You probably have family held hostage in China & were told not to assimilate at the weekly Stategic Sensitivity meetings. And you were following the President's lead.

I apologize to hookers, and did not mean to compare your patriotism to Clinton's, in any way.

To the Saud white- slavers; Hey, You'd just be herding lonely goats without our Industrial Revolution!

To goats, for that last remark. You said "NO!", and it's not your fault, despite looking provacative...Oh, and put a little ice on that.

I apologize to the Herpes virus; you have rights, too!

I would like to say that, unlike Bill, Judas had the moral honesty to take his own life.

And finally to Bill's Chinese owners; Willing seller, willing buyer. It's Just Business.

But while I'm at it, let me also apologize for the Crusades, slavery, colonialism, the Hundred Years War, the flush toilet, Phil Donahue, cellophane packaging that requires the Jaws of Life to open & anything & everything that has ever offended anybody, anywhere at any time.

My Bad!

Friday, October 04, 2002

When Judas met Jezebel

Traitor-Trash Bill Clinton addressed the Labor Party conference in Britain.
The Quisling-Cuntist bad-mouthed Pres. Bush, undermined our efforts to survive, & generally carried on with his effort to rehabilitate the ass-sniffing, self-licking 'dog & pony' show called "the Clintons' Administration".

Not to compare him to a dog...dogs are loyal. And experience estrus only occasionally.
Besides, he's the pony.

Labor listened & gave their love to the Wen Ho-Hoser, which was really all he ever wanted. Well, that, and to meet the shop-worn blonde hookers, discarded bi-weekly on the wrong side of the curb by the Saud encampment.

After bidding adieu to our Jism Judas, the Laborites recessed to further their plan to transform the British populace into faceless worker-drones in the Hague bee-hive.

Then, our Benedict Bordello jumped on Air Force None, to continue spreading his simple message and his Herpes simplex. First, impress them by playing the bongos & smoking cigars...or is it smoking bongs & playing with cigars? No matter; He's always looking for the next batch of rubes & riff-raff to buy & sell; only to be bought & sold in return.

So, Fare-thee-well, our Collaborating Cocksman. Search the world. Surely, someone, somewhere, will sell YOU a pardon...and you'll pay them with 30 peices of counterfeit silver.

P.S. Beijing called. They said to bring home some diapers & secret formula.

Joshua Judges the Ruthless

Now Here is a judge worthy of the name;

Cheif suicide-bomber/Philistinian Legislator Marwan Barhgouti's lawyer called his client a "latter-day Moses". The lawyer said 'Barhgi the Bomber', like Moses, killed an oppressive slave-driver.

Judge Tsvi Garfinkel observed that Moses neglected to kill everyone in the vicinity of the slaver, unlike Marwan's madmen. Very good, your Honor.

But the scumbag is like Moses...in reverse!
He talks to Satan, leading the Jews into the Land of the Dead, to end up as Arab slaves.

Never Again.

"The TIMES, Places and MANNER of holding Elections for Senators...shall be PRE-SCRIBED in each State BY the LEGISLATURE thereof;".

Sample Question from the new SATs: Is this a quote from:

A. Arlen Specter's treatise, "Scones & Scottish Law; Pastry & Punishment"

B. The U.N. Charter, Article 74878542345456667777, Chapter 8539506195677, Paragraph 1936432970, Sub-section (R.) 2064534416.0000000001

C. The Code of Hammurabi, as translated by Eddie "Fingers" Gibbon, Historian-at-large

D. N.J. Municipal Code / "Sect. dealing with stray animals, fence height restrictions & the election of Senators"

E. The US Constitution?

The answer is , of course, F. The newly-discovered writings of an extinct Martian civilization.
It must be, because our brightest legal minds can't decipher it!

Hmm...no mention of State Courts. Not even the N.J. Supreme Court, chock full o' Torricelli contributors.
They have proven their Hack bona fides.

Now we get to see if Republicans and the Supreme Court have any guts.

Or, as they say on Mars; "hh26g669! 7566h76u87GG, Sb7*4j7%@?"

There's a reason they're extinct.

Sharp Knife

was the name given to our 7th President, Andrew Jackson, by the American Indians.

"...the Bulwark of our defense is the Militia...a million of armed Freemen, possesed of the means of War, can never be conquered by a foreign foe."-Old Hickory

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Remember the old lib bumper sticker that went something like:

"One day there will be plenty of money for textbooks, and the Navy will hold bakesales to buy a new aircraft carrier!"

Yeah, but the textbooks would be in the language of the conquerors.

"Better a thousand times err on the side of overreadiness to fight, than to err on the side of tame submission, or cold-blooded indifference to the misery of the oppressed." - Teddy Roosevelt

Tol' ya' so

The N.J. Supreme Court just ruled that, despite the plain language of the law, Torch's name can be replaced by Lautenberg's. They discovered a previously unknown clause that grants Dems the right to a last-minute switch "if the previous Democrat nominee finds himself trailing badly in the polls and chickens out." It's right there in New Jersey's "Living" Constitution!

Make it up as you go . Raw Power Politics. Supreme Court of Florida, thank your lucky stars; there's a new Kangaroo Court in town, bent on saving their fellow marsupial, the Endangered Hairy-nosed North Jersey Wombat. Laws mean nothing to these people.

Of course, no one is entitled to a spot on the ballot anytime they demand it. Not the Democrats. Not the Man-Gerbil Love Association. Not People for the Ethical Treatment of Terrorists (P.E.T.Terrs). Not Druids on Drugs.

But I repeat myself.

"Flame Out!" Human-like Torch!

This is going to get ugly. It's always messy when a nesting ferret is forcibly forcepped from the anal cavity of the body politic. But, it is a perfect example of the depraved cabal of "Know-everythings" we laughingly refer to as the Demogogue Party.

The President gives a radio address to the nation in wartime. The best & brightest thinkers of the Democrats get together and ask the question: Who is the best person to represent the Democratic veiw?... Why, it's got to be...Bobby Torricelli!" Sad thing is, they are probably right.

It never crosses their Abby Normal minds that this might be a time to put forth a serious response. No, this is just another campaign event to prop up yet another Armani-clad Grifter. They could have said (Hold on to your seats!) "We won't stand for BRIBERY!" or even "This guy smells, Let's get someone else." But they have become so Clintonized, that the thought of putting their country first is akin to carnys vowing to put the customer first. The Govt. is their Ferris Wheel, and they demand the right to look up the skirts and shake out the loose change.

Torch paid tribute to Daddy Grifter; "I wish I had Bill Clinton's courage..." ; Translation: "I would gladly drag the country thru the moral sewer with me , but, unlike my Daddy G., I'm not enough of a World-Class Liar to pull that one off!"
During Impeachment, Torch claimed to have watched the Kefauver Hearings on Organized Crime as a child, and compared Clinton to the Italian-Americans who were 'smeared'.
Thing is, Torch was only 2 years old at the time.

Well, I beleive him. It has come out that li'l Bobby fixed his kindergarten election for "Most Likely to Suceed in N.J. Politics"; He hired some 6th graders as "poll-watchers".
Besides , any sentence that contains the words "Bill Clinton" and "Organized Crime" has the ring of truth about it.

Torch accepted no culpability, but blamed the 'faceless voices' that wouldn't let a little honest Graft go by the boards. It's not like he was selling nuke technology or something. He went on to brag about all the parks he bought, and all the programs he paid for. Gee, an expert on "bought & paid for" like the Torch should know the tax-payers bought & paid for these thing.
'Who's money is whose' was never his strong suit, anyway.

He even used Bill's line; "I'm reclaiming my life now." Note to the Walker-Lindh attorneys: Have Johnny Taliban say: "This is about my relationship with my God. I'm reclaiming my life now." You never know!

But you've got to admire a man who is willing to work late, meeting the Goodfellas of Waste Management after midnight in convenience stores all over New Jersey. Share a Slim Jim, and talk over the Trash Removal Crisis of New Jersey's senior citizens.
No wonder he wanted the CIA & the FBI reined in.

And then came...the Lawyers!
The Demo-Darrows will come forth, once again, to explain why election laws don't mean what they say; "Your Honor, laws that limit the freedom of regular citizens are great, but a law that limits the freedom of politicians...why, that's uncivilized!"

Now, I don't give a rat's ass about Bob Torricelli. He's just another 3rd rate bottom-feeder in a pond full of them. But his case is a microcosom of the amoral Pathology on Parade that signifies the fungal rot that is Democrat politics.

Or, as Grand-daddy used to say; "You do away with public horse-whippings, and the next thing you know, you've got a 'Bill Clinton' for President!"

We have the Diner's Club, and they have not...

Took a day off from blogging to visit the Nigerian Embassy. I told them I was there to help the widow with her 30 million dollar problem. Suddenly, I was carted off and held incommunicado, until I surrendered all my financial info (good luck with that!), even my library card ("You mean they let you take things... for free?!!!"). But I finally escaped with a few items of my clothing . Boy, you try to help, and look what happens!

Attention Robert Fisk: Urgent! There's a lady in Nigeria who desperately needs your help!

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Cold Fury.com

has quite the Civil War debate going on. It's amazing how far this country has come; this just in:

"In a surprise move today, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee accepted an honorary title from the Texas Daughters of the Confederacy; she will now be known as 'Gen. Sheila Jackson-Lee, CSA'.

There was speculation that she accepted the new title in order to stave off a McKinney-like defeat, but when asked, the freshly minted julep & military leader said " Defeat? Hell, no! Besides, I outrank Col. Sanders now!"

We recommend the cole slaw.

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